2519 Gold Coast Highway
Gold Coast QLD 4218
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1800 007 008

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Company description

Dr Ces Colagrande, based on the Gold Coast performs breast enlargements using Brazilian breast implants on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.


Dr Ces is totally AWESOME. I spent months researching surgeons and he was the only one who took the trouble to fix/adjust what was there to ensure balance and perfection was restored when the process was completed - ie. if a woman's 'pre-surgery' breast balance was out of alignment (for whatever reason) after the augmentation/lift etc the end result was always beautiful and balance restored! I had lost 50kg and therefore things were 'not as they once were' - the end result from my breast augmentation is fantastic! My self-confidence has increased and I am now ready to take on the world - thanks to Dr. Ces! He was patient, thoughtful (considering I was very embarrassed at how my body looked after the excessive weight loss) and I am now one of the happiest women in Brisbane! I recommend anyone looking for a specialist who you are not just a number to - someone who takes the time to ensure you're totally happy and that the outcome is such that you desired - if not better! Thank you Dr Ces!
10/1/2015 2:08:04 AM Report

Dr Ces Is a Very Professional and Highly commended and recognized Surgeon. He Is very Kind and very Understanding. His work Is amazing . I will be going in for my second surgery with Him soon and I have no hesitation at all in his capability and professionalism and his expertise in my procedure. He explains everything to you and will answer any questions you have regarding your surgery. No question you ask will be unanswered, your happiness and health are his priority. He Is a very honest and caring Family man and always treats his patients with extreme care and kindness. Id also like to say a big thank you to the receptionists :) they are Extremely Helpful, and very understanding, they will always make sure you are Happy and looked after 100 percent. I highly recommend Dr Ces for any procedure you wish to under go. 5 star all the way. :) Thanks Dr Ces Kind regards HR :)
9/28/2015 6:54:36 AM Report

I had two children and after breasting feeding my breast sat low and saggy :-( I researched over a number of years and had seen plastic as well as cosmetic surgeons. Dr Ces Colagrande name kept on coming up as the cosmetic surgeon to see. So I took the plunge, to see Dr Ces. He was kind, sympathetic and listened to what I wanted. Initially I was under the impression that breast implants would solve the problem. He explained in detail that I had enough breast tissue and that he could use my own tissue, without implants to give me the results I wanted. You can feels form the way Dr Ces explains things he really cares. Although other surgeons just wanted to place a big implant to fill them out, the implant would of not lifted them. I am six months following surgery. My operation was done in a registered hospital under general anaesthetic. My results are wonderful. My scars are being to fade and they sit so beautifully and I feel so much more confident when wearing backless tops. Dr Ces still has me come in for regular check ups. His after care is first class and if I have any questions he always gets back to me. I know I have made the right decision in picking Dr Ces, a wonderful cosmetic surgeon who truly cares about me.
9/26/2015 2:37:58 AM Report

It's been 2 weeks since my breast augmentation with Dr Ces Colagrande and I could not be happier with the whole process. He is the most genuine, professional, caring Dr and I felt nothing but at ease when talking to him. He has gone above and beyond when it comes to my wellbeing and has checked on me frequently to make sure I am happy and don't need anything. He really listens to what you ask for and you can tell talking to him he knows his stuff! I wanted a really natural look and size and I'm already happy with my results. I still have a lot of settling to do of course but I can see it's only going to get better. Even if how I am now was my finished product, I would still be extremely happy. Directly before my surgery I didn't even have any nerves, he was so comforting and genuine. I've experienced no pain at all post op. I'm aware that I've had surgery when I try to do some daily activities but I've not once had any pain. My incisions are neat and look like they are going to heal up brilliantly. His staff are absolutely wonderful and very approachable with questions. I had my op done at the Canossa Day Surgery and I cannot say a bad thing about a single person I dealt with there. Everyone was lovely and even Dr's and nurses that have nothing to do with you still say hello and ask how you are, if you need anything etc. He has chosen a wonderful surgery to work from. Dr Ces is a truly wonderful man that does wonderful work and I wouldn't hesitate to see him again and recommend him to anyone. 10 out of 10 all the way!
9/20/2015 12:59:55 PM Report

Growing up I couldn't wait to develop, I would wake up everyday & look in the mirror hoping that today was the day that my breasts had started growing, eventually they did start to grow but at the end result I never felt complete. I was a small B cup. Then at the age of 32 after having two children my breasts were even smaller than I began with they were now a small A cup and had now become all deflated. I felt extremely uncomfortable no confidence to wear certain tops & dresses & when I did wear them I would always wear a padded bra even when I went to bed at night. I was so embarrassed to take off my bra in front of anyone, & every night I would lay down to sleep they were so flat and felt so ugly. Every bra or bikini top had to be padded. The hunt was on to get myself sorted & find the best surgeon to get me the results that I wanted because I knew that i was never going to be happy until I did. I came across Dr Ces' name when I had originally heard it on the radio & the name Dr Ces Colagrande seemed to stick so now being the right time to get the surgery done I decided to start doing some research of my own on Dr Ces. Getting Breast augmentation is such a big decision & feeling comfortable with your surgeon is paramount. I started to Google & research about Dr Ces to find that other women had posted their journey aswell & what has been written was all positive. I then thought well that's sounds great but let's see if there were any bad reviews on Dr Ces. After a lot of researching I was unable to find any bad reviews on Dr Ces which was comforting. It was time to book my consultation. After meeting Dr Ces & discussing the surgery I felt very comfortable about proceeding forward & was very impressed with his professionalism & calming spoken approach. The day of surgery was here I was very excited but a little nervous about the after pain as I have a low pain threshold. On the morning of surgery after having a final consult with Dr Ces & taking more before photos. He also reassured me that everything would be fine. Before the Anaesthetist put me under Dr Ces brushed my cheek & told me again everything would be fine. I woke up after 2hours of surgery which felt like 15mins with my beautiful new breasts. I didn't feel much discomfort at all. Before I knew it I was sitting up drinking a tea & soon to be heading home. Dr Ces called me that night to check in to see how I was, I was feeling really good. I was so excited about seeing my new additions properly but didn't dare take my bra off. When I saw Dr Ces a few days after I got to see my new breast they looked amazing & I was super happy. Dr Ces then called me again a few days later just to follow up to see how I was & told me if I had any questions just to call him. I was extremely impressed with his follow ups & courteous approach & I will not hesitate to recommend Dr Ces to anyone looking to have breast augmentation or any other surgical procedures I know where I will be going if I want anything else done. I was very surprised how great I felt after the surgery. I am now a DD & loving it!! I hope this helps anyone searching for an amazing surgeon & his staff are also very welcoming & professional. Thank you Dr Ces :)
4/25/2015 11:07:30 AM Report

I cant fault Dr Ces Colagrande. He did my revision breast augmentation in January 2015. He was kind, caring, knowledgeable and extremely patient. His consult was so thorough. Explained all the different implants and the details of what my operation would involved. I went with the Silimed brazillian breast implants. I showed dr ces the pictures of the size of breasts i was looking for. He advised a size which sounded like a good size and they look amazing, better than i could have ever imagined. He transfored my breasts for me. The aftercare since my surgery has been great. Dr ces called everyday after my surgery until i had my post op. Every consultation i had before and after my surgery was always with dr ces and never with a nurse. I highly recommend anyone to go and see Dr Ces to have their breast augmentation.
4/20/2015 11:36:04 AM Report

I had liposuction and breast implants with Dr Ces Colagrande at Brisbane Private hospital. My experience was marvellous and had no pain after the operation. I was back at work the following week. A little sore from where I had the lipo but not much more than a workout/gym discomfort. His staff was always there to answer all my questions, even changing my date three times and implants sizes twice.Thanks for being so helpful and making my experience a great one. Dr Ces took so much care of me even after the operation. He is a perfectionist. 10/10 rating
7/12/2014 11:24:26 AM Report

I had breast implants by Dr Ces Colagrande three months ago. He was wonderful. I had seen a few other surgeons that seemed so uninterested when explaining things to me. The hospital called me the week before the operation to go over things. The nurse told me that she had her breasts done by Dr Ces. In her opinion she had seen other surgeons at work and Dr Ces's results was by far the best, he takes the time to make everything look right. When you speak to Dr Ces you can feel he is very passionate about his work and wants everything to be perfect. Once he operates on you he likes to monitor his results and get you back to check his work. To me this is a sign of a great surgeon who does not just operate on you and then you are forgotten about. Highly recommend Dr Ces, loving my new body. Any girl having implants should see him. His prices are cheap also!!
7/8/2014 9:32:35 AM Report

I had breast augmentation performed by Dr. Ces on the 16/06/2014. The entire process from making my initial enquiry on his website through to the post surgery, I am currently 2 weeks post op has been fantastic. I am extremely happy with the results and Dr. Ces is still in regular contact with me to ensure I am healing well. If you are considering surgery, get an opinion from him.
6/30/2014 9:57:55 AM Report