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It's been 2 weeks since my breast augmentation with Dr Ces Colagrande and I could not be happier with the whole process. He is the most genuine, professional, caring Dr and I felt nothing but at ease when talking to him. He has gone above and beyond when it comes to my wellbeing and has checked on me frequently to make sure I am happy and don't need anything. He really listens to what you ask for and you can tell talking to him he knows his stuff! I wanted a really natural look and size and I'm already happy with my results. I still have a lot of settling to do of course but I can see it's only going to get better. Even if how I am now was my finished product, I would still be extremely happy. Directly before my surgery I didn't even have any nerves, he was so comforting and genuine. I've experienced no pain at all post op. I'm aware that I've had surgery when I try to do some daily activities but I've not once had any pain. My incisions are neat and look like they are going to heal up brilliantly. His staff are absolutely wonderful and very approachable with questions. I had my op done at the Canossa Day Surgery and I cannot say a bad thing about a single person I dealt with there. Everyone was lovely and even Dr's and nurses that have nothing to do with you still say hello and ask how you are, if you need anything etc. He has chosen a wonderful surgery to work from. Dr Ces is a truly wonderful man that does wonderful work and I wouldn't hesitate to see him again and recommend him to anyone. 10 out of 10 all the way!
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