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Breast Lift Mum
I had two children and after breasting feeding my breast sat low and saggy :-( I researched over a number of years and had seen plastic as well as cosmetic surgeons. Dr Ces Colagrande name kept on coming up as the cosmetic surgeon to see. So I took the plunge, to see Dr Ces. He was kind, sympathetic and listened to what I wanted. Initially I was under the impression that breast implants would solve the problem. He explained in detail that I had enough breast tissue and that he could use my own tissue, without implants to give me the results I wanted. You can feels form the way Dr Ces explains things he really cares. Although other surgeons just wanted to place a big implant to fill them out, the implant would of not lifted them. I am six months following surgery. My operation was done in a registered hospital under general anaesthetic. My results are wonderful. My scars are being to fade and they sit so beautifully and I feel so much more confident when wearing backless tops. Dr Ces still has me come in for regular check ups. His after care is first class and if I have any questions he always gets back to me. I know I have made the right decision in picking Dr Ces, a wonderful cosmetic surgeon who truly cares about me.
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