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Growing up I couldn't wait to develop, I would wake up everyday & look in the mirror hoping that today was the day that my breasts had started growing, eventually they did start to grow but at the end result I never felt complete. I was a small B cup. Then at the age of 32 after having two children my breasts were even smaller than I began with they were now a small A cup and had now become all deflated. I felt extremely uncomfortable no confidence to wear certain tops & dresses & when I did wear them I would always wear a padded bra even when I went to bed at night. I was so embarrassed to take off my bra in front of anyone, & every night I would lay down to sleep they were so flat and felt so ugly. Every bra or bikini top had to be padded. The hunt was on to get myself sorted & find the best surgeon to get me the results that I wanted because I knew that i was never going to be happy until I did. I came across Dr Ces' name when I had originally heard it on the radio & the name Dr Ces Colagrande seemed to stick so now being the right time to get the surgery done I decided to start doing some research of my own on Dr Ces. Getting Breast augmentation is such a big decision & feeling comfortable with your surgeon is paramount. I started to Google & research about Dr Ces to find that other women had posted their journey aswell & what has been written was all positive. I then thought well that's sounds great but let's see if there were any bad reviews on Dr Ces. After a lot of researching I was unable to find any bad reviews on Dr Ces which was comforting. It was time to book my consultation. After meeting Dr Ces & discussing the surgery I felt very comfortable about proceeding forward & was very impressed with his professionalism & calming spoken approach. The day of surgery was here I was very excited but a little nervous about the after pain as I have a low pain threshold. On the morning of surgery after having a final consult with Dr Ces & taking more before photos. He also reassured me that everything would be fine. Before the Anaesthetist put me under Dr Ces brushed my cheek & told me again everything would be fine. I woke up after 2hours of surgery which felt like 15mins with my beautiful new breasts. I didn't feel much discomfort at all. Before I knew it I was sitting up drinking a tea & soon to be heading home. Dr Ces called me that night to check in to see how I was, I was feeling really good. I was so excited about seeing my new additions properly but didn't dare take my bra off. When I saw Dr Ces a few days after I got to see my new breast they looked amazing & I was super happy. Dr Ces then called me again a few days later just to follow up to see how I was & told me if I had any questions just to call him. I was extremely impressed with his follow ups & courteous approach & I will not hesitate to recommend Dr Ces to anyone looking to have breast augmentation or any other surgical procedures I know where I will be going if I want anything else done. I was very surprised how great I felt after the surgery. I am now a DD & loving it!! I hope this helps anyone searching for an amazing surgeon & his staff are also very welcoming & professional. Thank you Dr Ces :)
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