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Emma Sanders
Dr Ces is totally AWESOME. I spent months researching surgeons and he was the only one who took the trouble to fix/adjust what was there to ensure balance and perfection was restored when the process was completed - ie. if a woman's 'pre-surgery' breast balance was out of alignment (for whatever reason) after the augmentation/lift etc the end result was always beautiful and balance restored! I had lost 50kg and therefore things were 'not as they once were' - the end result from my breast augmentation is fantastic! My self-confidence has increased and I am now ready to take on the world - thanks to Dr. Ces! He was patient, thoughtful (considering I was very embarrassed at how my body looked after the excessive weight loss) and I am now one of the happiest women in Brisbane! I recommend anyone looking for a specialist who you are not just a number to - someone who takes the time to ensure you're totally happy and that the outcome is such that you desired - if not better! Thank you Dr Ces!
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