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162 Franklin Street
Melbourne 3000
Phone number:
4445 555 556



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Very Good Services. He was courteous, polite, and helpful. He did a great job on the curtain and I'm happy with the results thanks. Would recommend it.
3/7/2022 10:51:57 AM Report

Excellent Experience. Friendly and knowledgeable, respected the property and environment. Will definitely use it again.
2/12/2022 12:12:46 PM Report

Excellent Service. Great service, punctual, courteous and they did a perfect job on all of our curtain. Extremely pleased! Would recommend them to everyone.
1/19/2022 10:33:30 AM Report

Hopper cleaned my off white curtains in the living room. He was very quick and efficient. He had great communication, was very nice and professional. I’d definitely have him come back again. Thanks!
12/22/2021 11:37:12 AM Report

Brilliant Service. Harry came out straight away and did an immaculate job, thank you so much!
11/8/2021 12:29:46 PM Report

Nice Service Good Work. Great service, great team, my curtain looks great! Highly recommended always.
11/6/2021 11:15:16 AM Report

Really I am impressed with their service. They cleaned our red velvet curtains effectively. I would highly recommend them to others. Thank you so much!
9/25/2021 3:23:08 PM Report

Great and Fast Service. They’re very knowledgeable about curtain and cleaning. We recommend them to anyone!
9/22/2021 11:24:52 AM Report

Brilliant service!! I don't remember having such good customer service as this company's cleaners provide! Thank you for the job!
9/14/2021 7:27:04 AM Report

They were absolutely amazing. Access to cleaning hard stains from curtains easily, and they really did an exceptional and quality job. I would highly recommend it. Thank you.
8/25/2021 8:35:00 AM Report

Excellent service. Very convenient. Nice people. Good cleaners.
7/26/2021 4:24:06 AM Report

Amazing Work. Super friendly, quick and efficient, and did a great job! Really happy with them, and would highly recommend it!!!
7/7/2021 10:54:12 AM Report

Sam and the team were punctual and professional. They did an amazing job on my curtain cleaning! They spent nearly an hour and a half ensuring that my curtain looked and smelled brand new. We are so pleased with the quality of the service, their professionalism, I will definitely return as a customer.
6/17/2021 5:18:07 AM Report

The owner is awesome!!! Great customer service and gets the job done right.
6/17/2021 4:57:56 AM Report

Professional and friendly, I highly recommend this company. The technician took under an hour and did a great job! It's so nice to have a clean curtain and my house looking nice! Thank You again! I recommend Marks curtain cleaning.
6/25/2020 6:19:23 AM Report

We tried many professional cleaners in Brisbane before booking Marks. And now we can say it without thinking twice that they are the real professionals of curtain steam cleaning. My curtains look as bright as new. We surely recommend their services to everyone interested in professional curtain cleaning. Thank so much for providing us with your wonderful service.
4/25/2020 9:33:48 AM Report

My curtains are glad that it is being cleaned by some of the finest cleaners in town. They look gorgeous again and what a peaceful feeling to know that no carbon footprints are being left behind because of it. Marks Curtain Cleaning provides best curtain cleaning service in Melbourne. They are not at all pricey. I would love to recommend them to all my friends. You can trust Marks Curtain Cleaning company with closed eyes for your curtain cleaning task. I am fully satisfied with their services. Thank you Marks Curtain Cleaning for your great help. They can remove all kind of stubborn stains from the curtains. The skilled and qualified team at Marks Curtain Cleaning are competent enough to handle the task. Wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
1/12/2019 11:45:51 AM Report

One word.... AMAZING! Here I thought that I had to clean my curtain to make it look new, and all I desired was to get it new. These guys were very specialized, prompt, fairly priced and a pleasure to work with. I will tell all of my friends and family about their great service. Thanks Marks Curtain Cleaning Company!!
1/31/2019 2:28:18 PM Report

I used Marks Curtain cleaning first time. I take curtains installation service from them and after having their service I am quite impressed with them. I decided to install blinds also in some areas of my home from them. They has a wide range of blinds and curtains, So if anyone one of you wants to install blinds or curtains into your home then no one is better from Marks Curtain cleaning.
12/19/2018 5:17:08 AM Report

Marks Curtain Cleaning is the providing the best Marks Curtain Cleaning services. We cleaned all our Curtain stuff for home and office last week. Trust me once again you will feel like getting a new one free from all dust, odor, and dirt. They have a team of qualified professionals fit for the job. I like the way they work. Book Marks Curtain Cleaning today if you want to keep your Curtain in a better condition. The best thing is that they are not pricey. You will let a cost effective service. Thank You....
6/23/2018 5:43:42 AM Report

As per me, Marks Curtain Cleaning is the best provider of Curtain Cleaning Service to all the suburbs of Sydney. Marks did a great work and make your carpet looking as a new one. Go for a Curtain Steam Cleaning. They are not very pricey. Their team has adequate knowledge and effective equipment to manage the Curtain Cleaning task. I would like to refer them to everyone. Thank you, Marks Curtain, for your great cleaning help. Thank you
5/16/2018 6:57:56 AM Report