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Arnold Anzalones
Mitch is very professional and accommodating. He is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to the service he provides. Thank you for your continued service.
5/24/2022 4:02:47 PM Report

Good services. The tile look great and the price was very reasonable! I’ll definitely be using their services again!
2/12/2022 12:12:52 PM Report

Excellent Experience. Friendly and knowledgeable, respected the property and environment. Will definitely use it again.
2/12/2022 12:12:46 PM Report

Very Good Services. The carpets looked great and the price was very reasonable. Will definitely use it again.
2/12/2022 12:12:41 PM Report

Good Quality Service. They were on time and did an absolutely thorough job on the pest spray. Will be glad to book again for the annual spray! Thanks, guys.
12/3/2021 10:38:34 AM Report

Professional staff. He was friendly and knowledgeable and explained in detail what he was going to do. Highly recommended.
12/3/2021 10:38:29 AM Report

Good services. They were very efficient and professional, they arrived on time and completed the job quickly. I was kept informed the whole time.
12/3/2021 10:38:26 AM Report

Best Quality Service. Harry was excellent! Super friendly and professional. Will happily recommend them.
11/25/2021 1:07:11 PM Report

Great Job. The stains and marks were removed from our carpet and now look refreshed. Impressed that we could use the rooms again in 2 hours. Would recommend it.
11/25/2021 1:07:01 PM Report

Excellent Service. The technician arrived on time and did not rush the job. He was pleasant and well-mannered. Would recommend.
11/25/2021 1:06:58 PM Report

Great Experience. Best carpet cleaning service! Carpets are fresh and dried quickly. Very helpful and accommodating. Easy to work with and nice.
11/24/2021 11:12:24 AM Report

Great and Fast Service. Fantastic customer service and are very punctual. I would definitely recommend them. I would give them 5 stars.
11/24/2021 11:12:11 AM Report

Extremely happy with the job. The mattress is thoroughly cleaned now. Thank you very much to the team for the great work.
11/13/2021 6:05:45 AM Report

Extremely quick & thorough service. Marcus was very knowledgeable, Cleaned the duct and left it to work like new. Thank you so much!
11/13/2021 6:04:36 AM Report

Outstanding carpet cleaning job on my carpet. Gelvin had many great tips, was on time and professional. I would highly recommend this service. Thanks!
11/13/2021 6:02:27 AM Report

John did a fantastic job. upon arrival it was raining he gave me the option to spray the inside and rebook the outside for a better day which I did. I have been using them for several years now and have never been disappointed. Thank you.
11/10/2021 2:12:35 PM Report

We had the place prepared for us to move in and the customer service has been excellent. The reception team are so friendly and the job was done well and punctually. Thank you.
11/10/2021 2:11:22 PM Report

Jim did extermination on my property. It was yearly extermination I have done to keep the pests away. They were friendly and explained everything. Thank you!
11/10/2021 2:10:48 PM Report

Very Good Staff. Harry is an amazing person, very professional and well organized. I would recommend it to everyone.
11/7/2021 9:22:30 AM Report

Brilliant Service. Harry arrived on time, was very professional and clean. I would highly recommend their carpet cleaning services without hesitation.
11/7/2021 9:22:24 AM Report

Excellent service. Harry was very professional and cleaned the curtain quickly and efficiently. A thorough job would highly recommend it!
11/7/2021 9:22:13 AM Report

This company is the best pest upholstery cleaners in the city. I would never even consider going anywhere else. best of all prices could not be beaten in the city by other providers. Thank You.
10/28/2021 6:18:35 AM Report

I have used the services of this company for more than 3 years and can recommend the business because of their honest and reliable service. Always Thankful for their services. Thank you.
10/28/2021 6:17:09 AM Report

Absolutely provided an amazing upholstery cleaning service, They were very professional and extremely friendly. Thanks a lot!
10/28/2021 6:16:24 AM Report

The service is reliable and the treatment lasts! We didn't have stains on tiles and grout. Satisfied with the great results. Thank You.
10/28/2021 6:15:49 AM Report

I had booked this company which gave me very good result and i will book this next time
9/23/2021 10:16:11 AM Report

Very good service. Harry and his team did a great job! Will use it again. Highly recommend it.
9/18/2021 9:54:11 AM Report

Very Nice Experience Working. Han performed my service which was prompt, efficient and would use again and highly recommend
9/18/2021 9:53:59 AM Report

Nice Services. Very friendly and professional, happy with the result. Will use it again. Highly recommend it.
9/18/2021 9:53:45 AM Report

Awesome Quality of Work. Harry was very good at communicating and cleaning. Thank you! Will use it again. Highly recommend it.
9/18/2021 9:53:19 AM Report

Fantastic customer service! Very happy with the tile and grout clean! Will be a returning customer. Thank you for all your help.
9/5/2021 9:27:03 AM Report

Good Quality Service. He did a fantastic job on them. I would highly recommend using it again.
9/5/2021 9:26:33 AM Report

Brilliant Service. Very thorough and pleasant to deal with. Recommend to anyone wanting good service and a good result.
9/5/2021 9:26:10 AM Report

Good Quality Service. Harry is so friendly and does a fantastic job. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
9/5/2021 9:25:50 AM Report

Very polite and professional. He even managed to get rid of a few stubborn stains on the carpet. The price is very reasonable. We will definitely use their service again.
7/18/2021 9:12:07 AM Report

I am a happy and satisfied customer and would definitely recommend them if people are looking for affordable pest control services. A great pleasure to deal with.
7/18/2021 9:11:28 AM Report