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Louis Mccardle
Best possum inspector. Professional, time and clear inspection report. I will reorder an inspection as well as recommend his services to everyone who needs it.
3/1/2023 5:59:38 PM Report

They were incredibly professional and quick to mitigate the issue. I would fully recommend them to anyone in need of extermination or inspection services.
3/1/2023 5:58:27 PM Report

The technician who services my home, Jim is always very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. He knows his job and has excellent customer service.
3/1/2023 5:53:23 PM Report

I’ve used their services for the last 2 years. The service is always professional, punctual, and efficient and the results are always excellent.
2/21/2023 5:05:27 PM Report

David did a great job. We had stains on the carpet that had been there for months. In 30 minutes he had them all out. We're very pleased with the results!
2/21/2023 5:02:47 PM Report

Excellent service and he did a great job on my floor. I am very conscious when it comes to using harsh chemicals in my home, but was totally comfortable. Thank you so much!!!
2/21/2023 5:00:03 PM Report

He did a very good job and the very same day. Definitely recommend it to anyone.
12/18/2022 12:17:46 PM Report

Very Good Service.
12/18/2022 12:17:38 PM Report

Very Nice Experience Working. Great results. On-time, which is great! Will recommend it to everyone.
12/18/2022 12:17:31 PM Report

Very Efficient Customer Service. Very professional and great to deal with. Arrived on time and he was very kind and professional. Thank you and highly recommended.
12/18/2022 12:17:27 PM Report

Good Response. Very polite and great communication. Very fair price and all the right tools of the trade. Would happily use and recommend his services.
12/18/2022 12:17:23 PM Report

Nice Services. Punctual, friendly, and extremely professional. Great results, exceeded expectations. Will definitely recommend it!
12/18/2022 12:17:18 PM Report

They did an absolutely fantastic job on my mattress. Jack was fantastic to work with and he truly cared about the service he provided to me. I will definitely be using their service again and will be requesting Jack for each visit!
10/30/2022 3:46:17 PM Report

This is by far the best service on the planet. I have never been disappointed. The staff and ownership are beyond amazing. Thanks so much for always being there for us for over 4 years!!
10/30/2022 3:44:15 PM Report

I only use this company for my cleaning services. They are ALWAYS professional, and friendly and do quality work. They are my go-to and should be yours too!
10/30/2022 3:42:40 PM Report

Good Job. Harry the exterminator was excellent. Thorough, professional, and very helpful. Really appreciate the great service. Highly recommended.
10/8/2022 12:40:10 PM Report

Great Service. They did a great job of explaining every aspect of the treatment. Cleaned up after the job would highly recommend it.
10/8/2022 12:40:05 PM Report

Awesome Quality Of Work. Very professional service and were very thorough, could not recommend them more I am extremely happy with the service they provided. Would recommend it and will use it again.
10/8/2022 12:40:01 PM Report

Amazing Experience. Very friendly, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. Really appreciate your service. Thank you
10/8/2022 12:39:57 PM Report

Brilliant Service. After calling a bunch of possum removal companies for my family. They were really helpful and catered to our situation adequately.
10/8/2022 12:39:53 PM Report

Brilliant Service. Very good. Super polite lad and he did a great job. Highly recommended and we will certainly use his services again. Thank you!
9/7/2022 10:56:53 AM Report

Good Quality Service. The team was so professional, kind. He did an absolutely fantastic job! Thank you so much! Would recommend it!
9/7/2022 10:56:49 AM Report

Professional Staff. Excellent quality and detail. The fantastic team did a wonderful job and it now looks brand new! Reasonably.
9/7/2022 10:56:44 AM Report

Good Services. Harry was very thorough in cleaning my curtain. He was very professional and did an outstanding job. Would recommend it!
9/7/2022 10:56:39 AM Report

Very Good Services. Harry was fantastic and did an awesome job. Would recommend it to anyone. Will book again.
9/7/2022 10:56:30 AM Report

Excellent Service. Harry has been great. He responded and came round super quick; was professional, thorough, and excellent with communication both in the process and with regards to any concerns we had. Thank you!
8/30/2022 11:25:10 AM Report

Professional and friendly service. They got rid of our rat problem and even did some work to help prevent further infestations at no additional cost. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
8/30/2022 11:25:05 AM Report

Excellent Service and Quality. Really friendly and professional service and so far no issues with mice any more. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
8/30/2022 11:24:59 AM Report

Very Good Service. Provided A very good service, dealt with the problem efficiently, Polite and courteous at all times. Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
8/30/2022 11:24:50 AM Report

We are totally satisfied with their services. Our couch fabric was hand-woven and they only need effective cleaning. They used all the fabric-friendly products for couch cleaning. Really great job. Many thanks!
3/8/2022 8:05:13 AM Report

Excellent couch cleaning service from this company from start to finish! The employee came during the service set up. They accomplished a beautiful job on my couch cleaning and small repair. Thanks!
3/8/2022 8:04:18 AM Report

The couch cleaning services performed by this company, They have highly skilled team members can bring a big smile on your face. Like mine! I am very happy with their immediate response and cleaning. Thank you!
3/8/2022 8:02:29 AM Report

Making customers happy is all about this companies professionals. This I have recognized after contacting them; from investigation to couch cleaning everything is highly valuable and trustworthy! Thanks!
3/8/2022 8:00:16 AM Report

They described everything very thoroughly on the phone and my technician, Jon, was awesome. Very knowledgeable, professional, and conscientious when working in our home. Strongly recommend it!
2/23/2022 9:14:29 AM Report

They showed up on time. Took care of my pests issue in a fast, friendly manner. Couldn't have had a better experience than this. I'll be recommending this company to everyone I know.
2/23/2022 9:12:49 AM Report

Extremely professional and informative, Melvin was thorough, explained what he found, how it’s being treated, what to look for and to contact them if more ants appear. Great service - thank you!
2/23/2022 9:10:54 AM Report

Brilliant Service. Harry came out straight away and did an immaculate job, thank you so much!
11/8/2021 12:29:46 PM Report

Great price, friendly service. Would definitely recommend it and use it again!!
11/8/2021 12:29:28 PM Report

Good Quality Service. Harry did a great job. Very happy with the experience and would highly recommend it.
11/8/2021 12:29:06 PM Report

Great price and service. Friendly and informative and very prompt. Good communication. Highly recommended
9/5/2021 12:40:38 PM Report

Great prices and professional service! Harry was friendly, punctual, and detail-orientated. Definitely recommend!
9/5/2021 12:40:19 PM Report

Fantastic service, friendly & definitely no bugs afterward. I am very happy with the job he has done. He was polite, friendly and went above and beyond to ensure our treatment was up to standard. Highly recommend it.
9/5/2021 12:40:01 PM Report

Nice Service Good Work. Harry was terrific and really helpful! He was really thorough and gave great advice. Highly recommend it!
9/5/2021 12:39:40 PM Report

Friendly, helpful staff. Our rug came back looking like new, very happy customer.
8/3/2021 8:47:14 AM Report

I had a mice problem in my flat and was very happy with their service. I quickly got an appointment, and they were very competent and closed all the holes where mice could potentially come in. I would definitely use them again!
7/31/2021 9:09:09 AM Report

Very pleased with their responsiveness. We needed two visits and each time the staff that came out for the job were very helpful and friendly, gave me a full brief of the process so we know how it works and what to expect at the end of it. I would definitely use their services again if ever needed. Thank you!
7/31/2021 9:06:09 AM Report

Excellent service! They are very professional and honest. I Will definitely use their service again.
7/28/2021 5:32:38 AM Report