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Kenny Dahlquist
Very Good Service. Great pest control service, the problem seems to be totally under control after two visits and treatments for our apartment. Highly commended.
1/12/2023 12:17:24 PM Report

Very Nice Experience Working. Thanks for your help to remove possum from my Office. great services! Highly commended.
1/12/2023 12:17:19 PM Report

Very Efficient Customer Service. Great service and explained to me the way pest control gel treatment is going to work for a possum. Happy with the results. Thanks
1/12/2023 12:17:12 PM Report

Good Response. Great possum control services at an affordable price. Overall it was an excellent service experience. Thanks
1/12/2023 12:16:58 PM Report

Nice Services. Extremely happy with the results and the professionalism. Highly recommended to anyone.
1/12/2023 12:16:50 PM Report

Good Response. Harry was communicative, responsive, punctual, and got the job done professionally. I would definitely use this company again if I had any further problems down the track and would recommend it to anyone with pest problems.
12/31/2022 10:40:56 AM Report

Nice Services. He arrived on time and was very polite. I would definitely use this company again.
12/31/2022 10:40:48 AM Report

Good Job. Harry was on time, great service, very thorough and highly satisfied. I Would 100% use them again and refer them on.
12/31/2022 10:40:42 AM Report

Great And Fast Service. Very reliable, professional, and friendly. I will definitely use this service again.
12/31/2022 10:40:37 AM Report

Great Experience. Perfectionist, on time, and did an amazing job. Harry also does clean the carpet and looks just brand new! Thanks so much.
12/31/2022 10:40:32 AM Report

Good Services. The results of the tiles were fantastic. Better than we thought they would be. I would highly recommend them, and will definitely use them for any of my future cleaning needs.
11/7/2022 12:35:34 PM Report

Great Job. They were on time and easy to deal with. It was very reasonably priced and we were very happy with the results. Thanks again!
11/7/2022 12:35:30 PM Report

Excellent Service. Provides great flexibility. Really good service at such a cheap price. Highly recommended!
11/7/2022 12:35:25 PM Report

Professional And Friendly Service. Very friendly and very reasonable price. Really happy with the service. Recommend to anyone who needs to do their tile clean.
11/7/2022 12:35:20 PM Report

Excellent Service And Quality. Harry was professional and really easy to work with, thank you! I will always recommend it!
11/7/2022 12:35:08 PM Report

Good Quality Service. Great service, arrived on time after calling first. The carpets turned out excellent after the clean.
11/1/2022 2:28:58 PM Report

Nice Service Good Work. Great service, great price and friendly helpful cleaner. I would gladly have him back again the next time I need my carpet clean.
11/1/2022 2:28:54 PM Report

Good Quality Service. They did an amazing job with my curtain, it looks brand new! I will definitely be using their services in the future, and would recommend them to anyone.
11/1/2022 2:28:50 PM Report

Excellent Service. Great service. Fast response with nice results. Even though we had a few issues with the new booking system we managed to schedule our time in and get the carpets repair nicely.
11/1/2022 2:28:40 PM Report

Very Good Staff. They did a fantastic job with removing the pet stains from our carpet. Great price, nice, quick, and very professional.
11/1/2022 2:28:33 PM Report

Nice Service Good Work. Then the technician Harry took care of the problem fast and was very thorough. I appreciate them so much. Highly recommend.
10/15/2022 2:32:30 PM Report

Excellent Service. Harry was so friendly and professional. He sealed all the crevices in my kitchen and put down baits. Very thorough job and I haven't seen rodents or water bugs since. Highly recommend.
10/15/2022 2:32:17 PM Report

Very Good Staff. Very professional and very prompt in their service. I highly recommend this company.
10/15/2022 2:32:11 PM Report

Professional And Friendly Service. Very Efficient Customer Service. Harry and the team did an amazing emergency job for us. I would Highly Recommend using them.
10/15/2022 2:32:05 PM Report

Great Service. Thanks for helping us with the german cockroaches pest control. I was sick of these small pests running around my kitchen. Within less than a week all was fixed. Highly Recommended.
10/7/2022 2:37:44 PM Report

Awesome Quality Of Work. He just did an amazing job today for my shop. It was well beyond my expectations and was very professional. I will highly recommend them.
10/7/2022 2:37:39 PM Report

Amazing Experience. Very happy with the cockroach control service in my kitchen. Very friendly and helpful team. Overall, it's a great service, which is a must for homeowners.
10/7/2022 2:37:35 PM Report

Brilliant Service. Thanks for helping us with the bees removal service also. Professional, timely, and efficient service. Safety conscious. Would highly recommend it.
10/7/2022 2:37:29 PM Report

Good Quality Service. Very easy, professional, and thorough service. Would call them again if needed!! Amazing service!Thank you!!
10/7/2022 2:37:23 PM Report

The cleaners were wonderful! They were quick and friendly! And they did an excellent job my mattresses have never looked so good! 10 out of 10 would recommend them!
9/21/2022 5:51:43 PM Report

Both techs were so pleasant and very respectful. They were cracking jokes and made sure we knew about aftercare. They worked together to get the job done. Cleaned our floor very effeciently. Thank you and I would definitely recommend it.
9/21/2022 5:50:19 PM Report

Denial helped me with a last-minute appointment, and did a great job on my apartment's couch! Definitely recommend him if your want to get your full security deposit back from your rental company.
9/21/2022 5:48:19 PM Report

Very Good Staff. Efficient and detailed in their job. Friendly service. Highly recommended.
9/17/2022 12:23:11 PM Report

Brilliant Service. Friendly, highly professional service people. The technician was both thorough and professional. Highly recommended.
9/17/2022 12:23:06 PM Report

Good Quality Service. Harry was amazing and did a wonderful job making mattress look brand new again. Will definitely be recommending them to others and will be using them in the future!
9/17/2022 12:23:00 PM Report

Professional Staff. Fantastic job and friendly service. Harry was punctual, super polite, and did a great job - would highly recommend it.
9/17/2022 12:22:45 PM Report

Good Services. We were extremely pleased with the service and results. Harry was a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend it.
9/17/2022 12:22:33 PM Report

Very Good Services. There was no chemical smell inside and the treatment worked immediately. I highly recommend it.
9/15/2022 11:32:52 AM Report

Excellent Experience. Great price and result with no nasty chemical smells. Very easy to book and responsive to inquiries, would recommend!
9/15/2022 11:32:47 AM Report

Great Experience. Harry was prompt, friendly, efficient, and did an amazing job. Will definitely use his services again. Highly recommend it.
9/15/2022 11:32:40 AM Report

Best Quality Service. Our carpets look fantastic! We will definitely be using your services again. Thank you so much!
9/15/2022 11:32:35 AM Report

Great Job. The staff are professional, on-time, polite, and resourceful. Would definitely recommend them.
9/15/2022 11:32:26 AM Report

Good Job. On-time and were very thorough and fast. I would highly recommend them!
9/8/2022 11:03:25 AM Report

Great and Fast Service. Excellent work! On-time and professional. Highly recommend and would always use their services again.
9/8/2022 11:03:18 AM Report

Great Experience. Harry did a fantastic job. Super affordable as well. I would definitely use your service again.
9/8/2022 11:03:13 AM Report

Great Service. They got the job done in no time and did a great job... highly recommended.
9/8/2022 11:03:09 AM Report

Awesome Quality of Work. Harry and his team were very nice and polite.. Will use it again and highly recommend it.
9/8/2022 11:03:05 AM Report

Very Nice Experience Working. Got the job done and was able to provide some great advice and tips. I am a returning customer and couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.
9/1/2022 11:07:39 AM Report

Very Efficient Customer Service.Very happy that your service showed up on time and was quick and professional. Highly recommended.
9/1/2022 11:07:33 AM Report

Good Response. Polite and knowledgeable staff and technician, very thorough with providing information and with the process, and seemingly very effective. I wouldn't hesitate to anyone who needs pest control in their homes.
9/1/2022 11:07:29 AM Report

Nice Services. So grateful and extremely happy with the end results. Highly recommend this service!!
9/1/2022 11:07:21 AM Report

Good Job. The service was top notch and the worker that came to the job was professional and easy to deal with. Highly recommended.
9/1/2022 11:07:16 AM Report

I would like to tell you that this company is the best moving company I've ever used. I would like to say that their packing efficiency is just amazing. They were able to pack everything in a very short amount of time. Thank you all!
8/18/2022 6:56:22 AM Report

I have used this moving company, They have made my time in Australia very much worth it. They delivered what they promised, were on time and were very careful with the goods. Thanks!
8/18/2022 6:55:01 AM Report

I have used this company for a month from my flat and I can recommend them to anyone who wants to move house. They did an exceptional job and worked very hard, no matter what time I called them. Much appreciated.
8/18/2022 6:53:56 AM Report

This company is the best moving company in the city. They packed everything very well. I've used them for three months and they have never let me down. Even after the third month, they are still delivering on time. Thank you.
8/18/2022 6:53:01 AM Report

Very Good Services. He called in advance to confirm the time to come to the place. All looks and smells fresh again. Will definitely use them again.
8/15/2022 7:48:23 AM Report

Excellent Experience. Our technician did an excellent job, the tile and grout looked like new when he was finished. I recommend this company.
8/15/2022 7:48:16 AM Report

Great Experience. Wow, this company did a great job, and my rug now looks brand new! Harry and his team are very professional, fast, and nice. I highly recommend this rug cleaning company! Thanks!
8/15/2022 7:48:04 AM Report

Best Quality Service. Harry was prompt, courteous, and awesome. He went over everything and did a phenomenal job. I will be using the company again.
8/15/2022 7:47:51 AM Report

Great Job. They were courteous and did an excellent job. All the couch stains were successfully removed. couch look as good as new! I will be using the company again.
8/15/2022 7:47:45 AM Report

Great Job. Extremely happy with the service! The carpet was clean and all stains were removed. Quick, efficient and friendly service! Will definitely be a returning customer!
8/13/2022 11:15:10 AM Report

Excellent Service. Harry was so professional, punctual, and friendly. We will book with him again.
8/13/2022 11:15:05 AM Report

Professional and friendly service. They did a wonderful job at an affordable price. Will definitely be a returning customer!
8/13/2022 11:15:01 AM Report

Excellent Service and Quality. Very professional service. Was a pleasure to do business with them and would highly recommend their service.
8/13/2022 11:14:55 AM Report

Very Good Service. Great service, quick and outstanding quality clean. Friendly, extremely quick responses and faultless work, highly recommended them.
8/13/2022 11:14:47 AM Report

Prompt and professional service, with outstanding results. You did a wonderful job with white carpets and great communication during the process. Would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much.
8/4/2022 11:48:03 AM Report

Excellent job. The carpet was washed very clean. Harry is very friendly and punctual, thank you very much. Would definitely recommend it.
8/4/2022 11:47:49 AM Report

Fantastic service. Harry arrived on time and completed the job professionally and to a high standard. I highly recommend this service to everyone!
8/4/2022 11:47:42 AM Report

Great Service, very easy to deal with and they do great work! Harry was fantastic, provided excellent advice and our carpet looks brand new! Highly recommend them and will use them again.
8/4/2022 11:47:41 AM Report

Great service - didn't have to wait long for a booking, the representative was professional, did a quick and great job and the price was as quoted - no surprises. Highly recommend using this business.
8/4/2022 11:47:25 AM Report

This is one of the most proficient businesses I have used since purchasing my first rental property. I called them around 12 pm because I saw a mouse run across my kitchen floor. By 4 pm, all of my mouse problems were gone! Thank you so much, Guys!
3/6/2022 5:20:07 AM Report

I absolutely recommend this company after my experience with them. I called over many different companies and eventually ended up calling with them and they were the only ones that could do same day service. Really happy with their service! Thank you!
3/6/2022 5:18:54 AM Report

From the first treatment, I was hooked. Reliable, professional and on time. I hate any and all bugs and mice. They make sure I have no problem with pests. I give them a huge recommendation! Thank you so much.
3/6/2022 5:17:18 AM Report

I really appreciate this company as they offer the best customer support services. They helped me in cleaning my curtains in an effective way around the clock. We are so happy and recommend it highly!
2/19/2022 5:47:30 PM Report

The experienced work on each and everything in the best way to offer satisfaction to customers. They also do surveys after the cleaning! Would highly recommend this company!
2/19/2022 5:45:48 PM Report

These professionals are the best to choose. After the couch cleaning, they came again and take the follow-up, whether the services are accurate or not. Thank you so much.
2/19/2022 5:44:58 PM Report

I really feel happy, that whenever I need flood damage restoration help. They are ready to help and offer a quick response to my problems dealing with cleaning and restoring. Thanks!
2/11/2022 5:14:30 AM Report

I really feel relaxed after hiring them. As they offer me hassle-free carpet restretching services in my hectic schedule. They always work according to my routine. Thank you very much!
2/11/2022 5:13:00 AM Report

I was used to doing business with Carpets, however, there were some carpets which got damaged during transportation. I called the team of this company for the same on my friend's recommendation. I am amazed to see the way and tricks they use for Carpet repair. Thanks to the team!
2/11/2022 5:09:17 AM Report

The technician did a great job, very pleasant and professional. They continue to always be my choice for carpet care in my home. Thanks a lot!
2/11/2022 5:06:32 AM Report

Good services. A fantastic service that I would recommend to anyone. Highly deserving of 5 stars would use the service again and would definitely recommend it.
12/1/2021 11:54:05 AM Report

Very Good Services. Very professional, Fantastic job, friendly and on time. Highly recommended.
12/1/2021 11:53:58 AM Report

Excellent Experience. Looks perfect now, they are good and provide a great service. Would highly recommend them to my friends and family. Highly recommended.
12/1/2021 11:53:55 AM Report

Good Quality Service. The cost was half what other places quoted. He was polite, respectful and punctual. Highly recommended his work and will be booking him again!! Thank you.
11/27/2021 12:05:12 PM Report

Good Quality Service. Professionally cleaned carpets at my double-story home. The prices are very attractive. Highly recommend their services. ..
11/27/2021 12:05:10 PM Report

Professional staff. Best price. Carpets came up beautifully. Very impressive. I would highly recommend it to anyone.
11/27/2021 12:05:10 PM Report

Professional and on time. Very polite and a good experience all around. Will certainly recommend it to everyone!
11/8/2021 12:43:08 PM Report

Really provided an amazing Job. Made our upholstery white again. Strongly Recommend.
11/8/2021 12:42:37 PM Report

Very happy indeed. Harry was wonderful. Quick, efficient, and friendly. Strongly Recommend.
11/8/2021 12:42:27 PM Report

Nice Service Good Work. Great service, great team, my curtain looks great! Highly recommended always.
11/6/2021 11:15:16 AM Report

Excellent service. They did a great job cleaning our couch, they came on time and provided excellent service. I will be using them again for all my cleaning needs.
11/6/2021 11:14:43 AM Report

Brilliant service! They cleaned my floor and grout yesterday. It looks great now. I highly recommend it and their team. Thanks a lot!
10/5/2021 2:04:11 PM Report

Good Quality Service. They are the most friendly and professional people. Highly recommend.
10/2/2021 10:55:38 AM Report

Professional staff. Always extremely reliable, friendly, and informative. Highly recommended.
10/2/2021 10:55:22 AM Report

Good services. Thanks to the team for doing the best treatment today. Harry and Joy were extremely professional and explained each step they took. Were on time and provided some additional advice for summer. Nice work!
10/2/2021 10:55:13 AM Report

Awesome Quality of Work. Harry did a great job cleaning our sofa. Friendly, prompt service, and reasonably priced. Will definitely be using him again!
9/30/2021 12:11:46 PM Report

Amazing Experience. Harry is very professional & experienced. I am really happy with the results. I certainly will be using your services again .
9/30/2021 12:11:25 PM Report

Excellent service. The carpet looks much better than before. Very reasonable rate. Overall, a good service.
9/22/2021 11:16:02 AM Report

Great work. He is a really awesome technician and did a really good job. Highly recommend these guys.
9/22/2021 11:15:50 AM Report

Very Good Staff. They removed spots that I thought were permanent, my carpets looked great, fresh, and smelled nice too! I would definitely recommend them to a friend!
9/22/2021 11:15:32 AM Report

Amazing Experience. Fabulous professional service. Harry was so pleasant. The carpet in one room was disgusting with stains from a lodger but now looks and smells like new. I would totally recommend Fastline.
9/21/2021 11:47:03 AM Report

Nice Services. Great prices arrived on time, did a fantastic job. used for 2 houses in one week. would use again without hesitating.
9/21/2021 11:46:33 AM Report

Good Job. Took pride in their work and was very helpful. Great quality and great price. Will definitely use them again.
9/21/2021 11:46:02 AM Report

Awesome Quality of Work. They were quick to respond and here the very next day. Thank you very much for the excellent service!
9/21/2021 11:45:17 AM Report

Excellent company with professional and skilled cleaners!!! Very professional and punctual! If you are looking for good service and reliable people, go forward on hiring them. Thank you!
9/14/2021 7:21:53 AM Report

Wonderful curtains cleaning service by them, They are very punctual, good price, gentle and friendly staff. I recommend everyone. Thank you!
9/14/2021 7:19:34 AM Report