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Ariel Castillon
Great Service. Arrived early for the appointment and was extremely open and knowledgeable. Very happy with the treatment.
11/21/2022 9:09:49 AM Report

Awesome Quality Of Work. The technician Harry was very thorough and a good communicator. Feel that the best job possible was completed for a very reasonable price.
11/21/2022 9:09:45 AM Report

Amazing Experience. Arrived on time, knowledgeable, really good value for money and great all-round service. Highly recommend it.
11/21/2022 9:09:40 AM Report

Brilliant Service. Really impressed with the personable and knowledgeable service.
11/21/2022 9:09:35 AM Report

Good Quality Service. Professional and friendly service! Thank you very much. I recommend you to all my friends and family. Thank you so much.
11/21/2022 9:09:30 AM Report

Professional staff. Really nice people and did a fantastic job at very short notice. Quote, and final price did not differ. Highly recommend it and will use it again.
3/8/2022 11:02:18 AM Report

Very Good Services. The carpet is back to look brand new. Thank you, guys! You will be my go-to for any future carpet repairs.
3/8/2022 11:02:04 AM Report

Professional staff. His professionalism and service were outstanding! Would absolutely recommend it.
3/7/2022 10:52:13 AM Report

Good services. He was professional and courteous and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
3/7/2022 10:52:05 AM Report

Very Good Services. He was courteous, polite, and helpful. He did a great job on the curtain and I'm happy with the results thanks. Would recommend it.
3/7/2022 10:51:57 AM Report

Excellent Service. The services provided were excellent. The prices were really competitive. The guys reached on time and finished the job. Highly recommended!
7/23/2021 6:07:05 AM Report

Fantastic service, quick and efficient. Did an excellent job on my carpets. Definitely recommend!
7/23/2021 5:32:30 AM Report

Awesome Quality of Work . Did a great job on my carpet! Highly recommend it. I had multiple carpets repair, and they look great. Timely service and great communication.
7/22/2021 8:46:10 AM Report