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Smith Lincoln
They are here right now!! Extremely professional and very good. Pet stains, grease stains (from workbooks), found and drink spills - all gone. We are thrilled with the results and will definitely reuse the company!
7/20/2021 7:40:59 AM Report

He was punctual, quick, and quoted his price right before he started to work. Had an awesome experience with the company. Hope he’s around for many more years.
7/20/2021 6:46:57 AM Report

I like to keep my things clean whether it is a furniture or a carpet. My carpet got stains from the floor and I thought to change it. But new carpet was very expensive so I made a decision to give a try to carpet cleaning. My decision was right and will always go for carpet cleaning by this company rather than buying a new carpet.
6/4/2021 10:13:31 AM Report

Wonderful pest control services! The team is very reliable and punctual. I would like to hire the same company again and again to remove bed bugs and ants, etc.
6/4/2021 7:57:06 AM Report

Great service. They have very reasonable rates. They were friendly professionals and did a great job! I recommend this company. Thank you!
6/4/2021 6:21:03 AM Report

Excellent, efficient, friendly, and thoroughly knowledgeable. Great results from a great professional cleaning service. The technicians are professionally trained to clean all types of carpets.
6/3/2021 10:47:44 AM Report

I called Sk Cleaning of Melbourne this morning with a flooded carpet in the building of the non-profit I volunteer at. They were very responsive, sending out a hard working team, Austin and Luke, who extracted the water from that carpet. Then the owner generously provided fans and humidifiers to make sure the clean up was complete. This experience with Sk Cleaning has been great. I recommend them to anyone in need.
4/16/2020 12:23:23 PM Report