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Cyrus Furrow
They work very quickly and perfectly. So I appreciated their carpet cleaning work. And all the work is done from time to time and properly. Thanks a lot!
2/19/2022 5:22:06 PM Report

We are very happy with the carpet wiping work completed by this company. They went about their business impeccably. All stains and smells vanished properly! Thank you!
2/19/2022 5:21:16 PM Report

Last week we hired the carpet cleaning service of this company. Which was cheap enough to be considered for day to day uses. Their team has all the skills and technical knowledge! Pleasant service! Thanks!
2/19/2022 5:19:26 PM Report

Very Efficient Customer Service. The customer service and end result were completely different from the first company and I'm very happy. Highly recommend them and I will use them again.
11/10/2021 1:59:07 PM Report

They were really quick, Identified the issue and resolved it quickly. We were impressed by their communication and workmanship. Thanks a lot for the job!
10/7/2021 9:16:15 AM Report

Pleased with the prompt and timely work from this company. They were knowledgeable, courteous and arrived exactly when they said they would. Thanks a lot. Will highly recommend it!
10/7/2021 9:15:21 AM Report

The plumber from this company successfully unblocked our sewerage drain. He was super friendly and clearly explained what he was doing. Brilliant Job! Thank you!
10/7/2021 9:14:32 AM Report

There was a flood because of a broken tap and they cleaned it and restored my carpets. They did a great job, and at a very reasonable price. Experienced, knowledgeable, professional & amiable. Thank you!
10/7/2021 7:13:18 AM Report

I got my carpet restored which was damaged by the flood today and it was a perfect job! The staff were very professional and polite. I would highly recommend this company. Thank you!
10/7/2021 7:11:38 AM Report

I first used them for an emergency flood issue after our washing machine hose came to lose and flooded our basement and carpets. They arrived within one hour and provided a great job. Thank you so much!
10/7/2021 7:10:45 AM Report

They were superbly very professional and honest, gave perfect results in a timely manner! I Will be using it again. Thank you so much!!
8/27/2021 5:59:37 PM Report

Thank you for your very thorough and professional service. I would highly recommend it. Thank you!
8/25/2021 10:17:57 AM Report

They quickly responded and worked very solid. They were really friendly. Highly Recommend it! Thank You.
8/25/2021 10:17:28 AM Report

We loved this company! They’re very professional and did an amazing job every time they come out! Thank You!
8/25/2021 9:59:54 AM Report

Awesome service!! The cleaner was on time, He was very attentive and efficient. I would definitely refer. Thank You!
8/25/2021 9:59:11 AM Report

Very professional and helpful. Highly recommend it for water damage jobs. Fixed our apartment without delay! Thanks for everything!
7/28/2021 4:40:12 AM Report

Great and Fast Service. Harry was very prompt and professional in relation to the flooded floor. He was meticulous in dealing with every aspect of it and generous with his time. The outcome was excellent and I highly recommend this service.
7/28/2021 4:24:01 AM Report