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Aidenv Michael
Carpet Cleaning Redfern
50/1 Maddison Street, Redfern 2016, NSW, Australia
The technician came out last Friday. He was on time and accomplished an amazing job! He showed up on a holiday too! Incredibly personable. The upholstery cleaning was done nicely! Many thanks!
2/27/2022 2:38:46 PM Report

From the first call to Nathan had the best customer service experience in a long time! I had told him exactly what I needed to be done, that I had a lot of pet urine in the upholstery I wanted to be taken out. The entire experience was superb! Thank you all!
2/27/2022 2:37:17 PM Report

I used this company for couch cleaning, The work is outstanding and the pricing is very reasonable and fair, significantly lower than some other companies. Satisfied with their services! Thanks!
2/27/2022 2:35:52 PM Report

Excellent service, fantastic work of the company. The cleaning he did is visible to the naked eye. Would definitely use them again and recommend them to all. Thanks!
11/16/2021 7:56:13 AM Report

Extremely professional company with great customer service. Friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Answered all my questions and provided great advice. Thank you very much!
11/16/2021 7:53:32 AM Report

My office is looking now pest and inset free. Really outstanding!! I have tried many other services before but never got satisfaction as now I have got. Thank you for the results... Highly Recommend!
10/9/2021 6:00:21 AM Report

Excellent service from beginning to end. The company is very responsive to the pests related problems. My home is pests free now. I would definitely recommend this company. Thank You!!
10/9/2021 5:58:03 AM Report

They provide great service. I'm so glad. I booked them to control the pests from my home. The guy who came was very decent and polite. My house is now smelling fresh and feeling pests free. Thanks a lot!
10/9/2021 5:57:27 AM Report

Fantastic plumbing service. The specialist was very attentive, informative and spent the time to explain the process, options and conclusions. Thank you!
9/28/2021 6:02:29 AM Report

Awesome service, repaired to standard. They are doing amazing work. Really friendly service and very responsive. Highlight recommendation.
6/5/2021 3:20:25 AM Report

They were great. Awesome communication and worked with me on questions etc. handled all with utmost professionalism.
4/15/2021 4:43:00 AM Report

My friends told me to change my mattress as they were not feeling comfortable in my room. I liked my mattress. So, I decided to give it over to Deluxe Mattress Cleaning. They cleaned it very well. and now it is very soft and looks like new. In fact, it was unrecognized by my friends as they thought that it was a new one.
6/8/2020 10:39:36 AM Report

I was not aware of the latest methods of mattress cleaning. But Deluxe Mattress Cleaners showed me all the latest devices and methods that are mainly applied in cleaning mattresses. I had a good experience while gathering information about it.
6/8/2020 10:35:54 AM Report

Great, fast, reliable, and professional service! Oz clean team members are courteous and knowledgeable, they were on time & explained everything before they start. We had some very tough stains on our carpet they used a specific solution and now the carpet looks brand new! I highly recommend their service!!
6/6/2020 12:07:46 PM Report

I have been using various kinds of upholstery cleaning services from the team of Fresh Upholstery Cleaners. They have highly professional and trained staff that never hesitates to put in extra effort to please their customers. They always ensure that your upholstery is clean and sanitize it with the best and advanced cleaning techniques. They offer the best upholstery cleaning services at the best prices in Adelaide! And their performance is commendable.
6/5/2020 11:12:32 AM Report

Absolutely amazing job, William had a better Sofa cleaner, after work was done all I could say was ‘wow’, extremely friendly staff and trustworthy would definitely recommend.
6/2/2020 11:47:50 AM Report

The staff was very courteous and polite they did not bother me at all and I could do my job in peace. Such amazing service providers they are. I am impressed with Fresh Upholstery Cleaners.
6/2/2020 11:36:00 AM Report

They did a good job on my carpets and took not too long and did the work in just the right amount of time for it come out looking great. Thank you.
5/25/2020 10:27:24 AM Report

The customer service was great and really did effect my experience with them and put the cherry on top to my new fresh carpets. Thank you!
5/25/2020 10:26:16 AM Report

They did a great job on my carpets I'll be using them again. Thanks a one.
5/25/2020 10:25:33 AM Report

Absolute five star service ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! I highly recommend using Sk cleaning for mattress and floor cleaning. Punctual, friendly and does a fantastic job.
4/16/2020 10:31:09 AM Report

They did an amazing job at my house and would recommend them to any of my family friends. They were on time, courteous, and my floors look AMAZING!
4/15/2020 10:30:19 AM Report