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Weston Bates
The technician, Eric was very friendly, polite, and professional. He was upfront and informative. He worked fast and cleaned my mattress. Would use it again and highly recommend it. Thank you.
12/24/2021 4:59:10 AM Report

All other service providers entering my home during the Covid pandemic have done so. The mattress cleaning was done quickly and I am happy with the result. Thank you for the help.
12/24/2021 4:58:35 AM Report

I am very pleased with the job they did. My mattress look brand new again and he worked very fast and did a great job. The charges were also fair. Thank you.
12/24/2021 4:57:44 AM Report

I am impressed with their services, It was my personal experience when I called them once, they immediately reached my location and offer same day pest control services. Thank you so much.
12/15/2021 5:54:44 PM Report

I am very thankful to this company as they provided me with the best organic pest control. They worked according to the way I want without question. Thank you so much!
12/15/2021 5:54:01 PM Report

I recommend everyone to have the pest control every 6 months. The company offer half-yearly packages for tick pest control. The prices were also very reasonable! Thank you.
12/15/2021 5:53:08 PM Report

They were Amazing and served me with quality service. They made my 15-year-old carpet look like new. I am so pleased with this service! Thank You.
12/14/2021 2:21:30 PM Report

The experience was pleasant and I would also recommend this cleaning service to others and they returned my carpet in time after dry cleaning. Thanks.
12/14/2021 2:20:05 PM Report

Their pest control services are amazing. Their prices are right on point and they make sure everything is taken care of. My favourite part is their fair changes. Thank you so much.
12/6/2021 11:15:59 AM Report

Absolutely this comapny is the best! They are professional and responsible. The technician came professional and amazing. Removed all the bed bugs effectively. Thank you so much.
12/6/2021 11:14:32 AM Report

The technician is great! He is always here when he says she will be. He has helped answer any of my questions or concerns. I am really happy with their customer service. Thank you!
12/6/2021 11:10:33 AM Report

The wonderful plumber arrived within the hour to sort our emergency toilet repairing job. Worth every penny. Thank you so much.
12/4/2021 5:58:55 AM Report

Samuel did a great job and pays attention to the details. Courteous, good person and patient with any questions. Thank you for always being so nice.
12/4/2021 5:58:12 AM Report

Excellent service from start to finish - clear breakdown on works required and clear view of costs from the outset. On the day, my engineer was fantastic - The plumber worked a very long day to get the job done of roof repairing before he left. Best tradesperson experience I've had for a long time. Thank you.
12/4/2021 5:57:37 AM Report

The inspector always called before he came. He was very professional, cordial and answered all my questions.
12/3/2021 6:05:59 PM Report

They are making sure we are protected by spraying the outside all around the house to prevent insects from getting inside.
12/3/2021 6:05:20 PM Report

Very courteous and professional. Peter was very courteous and answered all of my questions. All company employees I have dealt with have been courteous and professional.
12/3/2021 6:04:46 PM Report