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VAlerie j
I would like to commend Bell River for their sincere approach and professional responsibility. Through a time that has been difficult for all waiting on our new home development, they have been fair and patient. They took responsibility and made decisions in the interest of the purchaser, even though the delays were not their fault and even though this results in a loss of profit for the company. They have listened to every need and request I have made along the way and been generous, supportive and helpful in the design of my new home. I am yet to see the end result, and am beginning to feel quite excited in anticipation, but I have seen some of their buildings in progress. There is something very neat and classy even in the building site that I have never seen anywhere else. While they are not the cheapest builder, all inclusions are very good quality and everything is covered up front. Where I have requested changes to standards they have been more than fair, to the point of being generous in my interests. I am looking forward to the end result and am sure it will be as pleasing an experience as the kindness I have received from them. I highly recommend Bell River as a builder. There is only one thing I would add - remember that it's in the owners interest to develop as much positive communication with the builder as possible. That given, they are a busy company and a little patience helps things work smoothly.
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