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Tina Morris
Our startup had just acquired some money and we decided to move into a new office. The only problem was the termites. For an office with over a 100 tables, chairs, and assorted furniture, there was simply no time to go around spraying anti-termite solution for a week. We had to get started with work! So a week before we got operational at the place, we had Pest Free Sydney work on the place and clean out the termites. They did such a great job that we've recommended them to other office in the area.
2/2/2015 1:14:19 PM Report

I had never thought that I'd have to consider pregnancy termination. For reasons I'm not comfortable with discussing, I had been unable to make this decision by myself until the first 2 months. It had been a difficult time for me, and frankly I knew I wasn't ready to give birth. My aunt recommended me Gynaecology Centres Australia because she knew 2 of the doctors working there, and I made a hasty last minute appointment. Surprisingly, they made time for me and spent over an hour explaining me both the medical and ethical aspects of pregnancy termination. A week later, my pregnancy termination had been conducted, with no complications.
2/2/2015 12:11:58 PM Report