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I went in to ask about Fraxel laser for acne scars. I was already up't set about the scars on my cheeks and and wanted to see if this laser would help diminish them, and if the procedure would be safe. I was told by the assistant Fraxel is very safe and only thing that might happen is hyper pigmentation and it might not work that well on my scars. I asked few times to make sure it won't harm my skin and I was assured all would be fine and it would improve my skin. I had four sessions, first two went well and then I suspect they cranked up the volume and after fourth my skin developed bad texture, pinprick holes that over my entire face ( that's why they want to treat the entire face, so it is harder to see the difference between treated and untreated skin) and discolouration. They dismissed my concerns very quickly, said my skin is beautiful and insinuated it is all in my head. It is not I can assure you, others see it too as did my dermatologist, who said nothing will fix the damage. The laser is not performed by the doctor, but by his assistant. Not sure the doc is even dermatologist. If you go make sure you google laser damage first, then go oconsultation and see if they tell you about the dangers, I know they didn't tell me and now pay for it, it is hell. Why do patients have to sign a waver if it is so damn safe??
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