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I recently had to get a new motor for my roller door and went through Perth Windsor doors. I asked Brett who was installing it if it came with the clip on remote that sits on my sun visor. He said "yeah the motor I'm installing has that remote control" He finished and gave me 3 remotes none were the ones I asked for. So I called the service dept and after explaining what happened, I was told she would sort it out for me. A month and a half later, I had heard nothing so I called again. To keep this as short as I can after me phoning many times I was told "Sorry this motor does not come with the remote I had insisted on. Perth Windsor doors make promises they have no intention of keeping. I am extremely disappointed with their so called service. If I was told the motor they were installing did not come with the remote I wanted I would have asked for a different brand. Would NEVER recommend them to anyone. Only added a star as there was no option to add no stars.
9/7/2015 10:59:29 PM Report