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Perry Garretsons
Nice Service Good Work. The cleaners did a fantastic job of our tile andgrout. Would definitely use them again and they are highly recommended!
2/23/2023 11:19:24 AM Report

Good Quality Service. They did an absolutely great job with my mattress. It was almost dry when they finished with the cleaning and the couple of stains I wanted to remove were gone. Will use it again!
2/23/2023 11:19:10 AM Report

Excellent Service. Very happy with their services. Will use them again. Will definitely be using it again.
2/23/2023 11:18:54 AM Report

Very Good Staff. I have been using this company now for decades. They have provided excellent service, and turn up when they say they would.
2/23/2023 11:18:49 AM Report

Good Job. They did an amazing job on our curtain. Good price and very friendly and professional. Highly recommend it. I will definitely use it again.
2/15/2023 11:40:02 AM Report

Great And Fast Service. Really great service. They did a fantastic job cleaning our ducts. I will definitely recommend it to others.
2/15/2023 11:39:50 AM Report

Great Experience. Just had my ducts cleaned today. Harry is so friendly and professional. We are so happy about his service. We would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs this service.
2/15/2023 11:39:45 AM Report

Good Services. Very friendly and hardworking! The technician did a fantastic job and I am really impressed. I will recommend it.
2/15/2023 11:39:41 AM Report

Great Job. The technician came on time and was informative. Very happy with the cleaning and it was completed on time at a great price. I highly recommend it.
2/15/2023 11:39:36 AM Report

Very happy with the service. Quick and easy. The 2 technicians were professional and friendly. They arrived early but called ahead. Great job! Will use it again in the future.
1/30/2023 5:11:16 PM Report

Our service tech was Daniel. He was very professional and kind. We never had our couches professionally cleaned and Daniel did a wonderful job. Thank you very much!!!
1/30/2023 5:10:42 PM Report

Couldn’t say enough great things about this company. Robin came out today and did a phenomenal job — my bathroom looks as good as new! Highly recommend.
1/30/2023 5:07:25 PM Report

Professional And Friendly Service. He relates very well to patients, spending time to educate and inform me of what he is doing through out the procedure, and what I should be doing for my dental health. Very pleased with results, professionalism, care and always get the star treatment from all staff. Highly recommended.
1/26/2023 12:17:26 PM Report

Excellent Service And Quality. I have been going to this dental clinic for about 3 years now and the work that they have done to my teeth has been exceptional. Highly recommend 5/5 Dental service. Very friendly and professional place. Staff are all friendly.
1/26/2023 12:17:00 PM Report

Very Good Service. I have been attending the dental clinic for over 20 years and have had a lot of dental treatment. Great professional but friendly manner and I'm so pleased with the results. Her assistant Jan was brilliant also. Thanks guys!
1/26/2023 12:16:00 PM Report

Very Nice Experience Working. Excellent value and great service cleaning my tile and grout. I will definitely use it again.
1/26/2023 12:15:25 PM Report

Very Efficient Customer Service. He was here for mattress cleaning and did a good job. Thanks. I will definitely use it again.
1/26/2023 12:15:17 PM Report

Good Quality Service. Very happy with the job. I will definitely call him again in the future.
12/18/2022 12:13:48 PM Report

Nice Service Good Work. They are always prompt and ever so helpful. Highly recommend.
12/18/2022 12:13:42 PM Report

Good Quality Service. I am very happy with the service. Harry is very thorough and professional. I highly recommend this company.
12/18/2022 12:13:38 PM Report

Excellent Service. Very professional service. Well explained and the treatment was done quickly and cleanly. Will be using them again.
12/18/2022 12:13:34 PM Report

Very Good Staff. Very thorough and pleasant to deal with. Recommend to anyone wanting good service and a good result.
12/18/2022 12:13:30 PM Report

Brilliant Service. Our technician is great and will always take the time to explain things in detail to give us a good understanding of everything that gets done.
11/4/2022 3:01:05 PM Report

Nice Service Good Work. He was very prompt, efficient and explained the job and the reasons for what he was doing. Highly recommended!
11/4/2022 3:00:56 PM Report

Good Quality Service. Very good experience hiring their service for my house pest control. Definitely recommend their service.
11/4/2022 3:00:52 PM Report

Excellent Service. An amazing person with great knowledge. Very professional service and excellent job they have done. I highly recommend him for pest control.
11/4/2022 3:00:47 PM Report

They were very easy to work with- scheduling was fast and they were timely, professional and efficient. Great results- thanks to them! If you are looking for the best rug cleaning, try them once.
10/29/2022 3:57:10 PM Report

Not only on time but early! Micheal did an awesome job!!! It was affordable, responded quickly and was able to get next-day service. I would definitely use his service again!
10/29/2022 3:56:07 PM Report

I am so happy with the work Micheal did on our upholstery and rug. He was on time and honest with questions and did a terrific job. Highly recommend his services and this company.
10/29/2022 3:53:28 PM Report

Very Nice Experience Working. He worked efficiently and quickly and he is a lovely friendly person who knows his stuff!! I highly recommend this service for anyone who is looking for moving cleaning.
10/28/2022 2:53:52 PM Report

Very Efficient Customer Service. He just did an amazing job today for my house. It was well beyond my expectations and was very professional. I will highly recommend them.
10/28/2022 2:53:46 PM Report

Good Response. They did an excellent job at a great price. On-time and very efficient. I definitely recommend this company with great staff and great help!
10/28/2022 2:53:40 PM Report

Nice Services. He is very friendly and treats us like his family. I was very impressed and would highly recommend this company.
10/28/2022 2:53:37 PM Report

Good Job. He completed the roof, external & internal inspection thoroughly and efficiently, good services were delivered, and explained all my questions too. Would recommend them to all my family & friends.
10/28/2022 2:53:32 PM Report

Charlie was very professional, called me before he came to notify me that he was on his way, did a great job, was on time, got out pet stains and mattress look beautiful! Thank you so very much!
7/29/2022 7:03:35 PM Report

We have used this company several times and we are always happy with their services. They are able to get us on the schedule quickly, the entire team is always professional and they do a great job!!
7/29/2022 7:01:51 PM Report

Professional and high-quality work cleaning our large carpet. It was completed in a timely fashion. Excellent customer service and friendly staff too. Highly recommend!
7/29/2022 7:00:56 PM Report

Good Job. Friendly and knowledgeable staff all round, highly recommended. Thank you!
2/21/2022 11:14:35 AM Report

Great and Fast Service. Very efficient, professional, reasonably priced and friendly. I would recommend them and use their services again.
2/21/2022 11:14:26 AM Report

Great Experience. Our service is prompt and effective. I Highly recommend it.
2/21/2022 11:14:22 AM Report

They stand on top of their work. I can trust them to keep my home pest free. They come when scheduled. Easy to work with. Thank you
12/4/2021 7:36:34 AM Report

Tim, our technician was on time, courteous and professional when providing our regularly scheduled service. He served us with the best quality service. I can see there are no more pests in my hone now. Thank you so much.
12/4/2021 7:35:51 AM Report

I supposed that all use the same chemicals, but it's the personnel that takes care of the customer. The chemicals should take care of the problems. They are always courteous, helpful and reassuring. That means a lot when you're dealing with invading pests. Thank you!
12/4/2021 7:34:02 AM Report

I am delighted!! They did all the hard work to clean our carpets quickly and effectively. A professional and reliable cleaning company. Thank you so much!
9/12/2021 10:08:47 AM Report

Wonderful company and their staff is the very punctual and friendly staff. I recommend everyone. Thank you so much!!
9/12/2021 10:07:12 AM Report

Amazing service, They are very punctual, gentle and friendly. I really recommend them highly. Thank you so much.
9/12/2021 10:06:09 AM Report

Friendly, and professional service. Harry was on time and super professional. The upholstery look great! Highly recommend it.
9/5/2021 12:25:06 PM Report

Very professional and friendly service. The staff was professional and expert. Highly recommended.
9/5/2021 12:24:20 PM Report

The staff are very friendly and professional guys. I would recommend your company to everyone. Very satisfied and thanks again.
9/5/2021 12:24:02 PM Report

Everyone is so friendly, helpful and efficient. Very affordable and highly skilled pest technicians. Give the best advice and use high-quality safe products. Thanks.
9/5/2021 12:23:43 PM Report

Fantastic service and advice on our ducts! The technician was very professional and friendly. Much appreciated!
7/26/2021 8:39:14 AM Report

Hardworking, professional. Thank you for cleaning our ducts! The technician even sanitized all the vents after cleaning. Highly recommended!
7/26/2021 7:53:09 AM Report

Harry is extremely reliable, provides a thorough and high-quality service, and always with a smile. Highly recommend it!
7/18/2021 9:38:07 AM Report

Best Quality Service! Harry was efficient, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. Will definitely be using it again!
7/18/2021 9:37:23 AM Report