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NIGHTMARE! Mick quoted to render around a window and patch a wall and his son did the work. Unfortunately, the render cracked both around a window and also where they patched a wall. I saw Mick working on a neighbour’s house and so asked him politely to fix the work. He stated " It's very difficult to get a tradesman to comeback you know, you're better off paying someone else to fix it. It's not our fault if the render cracks. I didn't do the work, my son did and he works for himself, he only works under my company name." I asked if he had his sons phone number, but Mick stated that "He didn't have his number on him" as he picked up his phone and put it in his pocket. I stated "As I employed Mick's plastering, therefore then that is who should fix it" It was at this point that Mick became aggressive towards me jabbing his finger. I asked him to calm down and then I left.
12/27/2018 3:29:07 AM Report