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Parker Whidden
Excellent Experience. Very good company with Professional Technicians. I highly recommend it.
3/9/2022 11:37:32 AM Report

Very Good Services. Great service, good communication, very happy with the job and the person doing the couch cleaning did a great job. I will definitely use them again and recommended them to everyone
3/9/2022 11:37:22 AM Report

Great Experience. Harry was on time, friendly, and professional. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to everyone.
3/9/2022 11:37:21 AM Report

Very Nice Experience Working. Very professional service, friendly staff, efficient, get jobs done, no hassle. I highly recommend it.
3/3/2022 8:28:24 AM Report

Very Efficient Customer Service. They have done a fantastic job carpets came up amazing. I highly recommend it.
3/3/2022 8:28:14 AM Report

Good response. Excellent job at a reasonable price! Harry was quick, professional, and friendly. I highly recommend it.
3/3/2022 8:28:08 AM Report

Outstanding service. John knows what he is doing and he works around the situation given to him and quickly resolves my issue. So pleased with the roof plumbing service. Thank you!
10/21/2021 8:45:48 AM Report

Brian was professional, knowledgeable and polite. I appreciated the fact that he was able to help me with the replacement of my concealed cistern. I am happy with the job. Thank you!
10/21/2021 8:44:26 AM Report

Professional service from start to finish. Prompt and well-structured booking process. Typically settled within 10-15 minutes. The plumber worked quickly and effectively. Thanks a lot!
10/21/2021 8:43:22 AM Report

The grout lines in my kitchen and showering were quite disappointed. Removing the dirt or stubborn stains was a big challenge for me, But this company did it easily and very quickly. Thank you so much!
10/12/2021 6:09:14 AM Report

Their cleaners were really good at their job. Their service is very efficient, The cleaners arrived on time, all work was carried out professionally. My carpets are shining and I am feeling delighted. Thank you.
10/12/2021 6:08:29 AM Report

They were right on time and worked out what was wrong. They brought every part and material with them. And fixed broken pipe line just within few minutes. Thank you!
10/12/2021 6:07:30 AM Report

Excellent Experience. My carpets are repair than the previous company I used last year. Very happy. I wouldn’t use Electrodry again.
10/1/2021 11:17:43 AM Report

Good Quality Service. Very professional service. On-time and gave us great advice to stop future mice. I also appreciated the care which was taken to ensure bait was laid in out-of-reach locations for our dogs.
10/1/2021 11:17:25 AM Report

Excellent service. Whole process was quick and easy. Very thorough. I will use them again!
10/1/2021 11:17:14 AM Report

Whenever we hire of their services our carpets shine like a new one. They offer the best services for carpet cleaning. Their services will make your heart smile. Thank you!
9/10/2021 5:45:41 AM Report

I Can't say enough about your friendly customer service, prompt arrival and genuine work ethic! Appreciate your efforts. Thank you so much!
9/10/2021 5:44:31 AM Report

Thank you Julian for all the work you did for us. We always find him very reliable and Low priced. Thank You!!
9/10/2021 5:43:44 AM Report

Thanks for all your help getting rid of dirty stains from our carpet. Will recommend you to my friends..
9/5/2021 11:04:36 AM Report

Great service very friendly great work definitely recommend to all.
9/5/2021 11:03:59 AM Report

Martin came out on short notice to help carpet cleaning service. Really appreciated the great service...
9/5/2021 11:03:27 AM Report

Extremely friendly and efficient. Harry was very professional and did a great job with the mattress. They were great and I will definitely be using them again and would recommend them to everyone.
7/30/2021 8:34:55 AM Report

Affordable price with excellent and efficient service. The staff were polite, respectful and went above and beyond to help. Would definitely recommend it.
7/30/2021 7:38:26 AM Report

Great service and professionalism, very friendly too. The mattress looked great, and I highly recommend it.
7/30/2021 7:38:00 AM Report

Great service. They did a wonderful job with white carpets and great communication during the process. Thank you so much.
7/20/2021 7:39:34 AM Report