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Noah Darce
I have found that Ian Field goes above and beyond. Sweet at heart and strong in actions. Getting a specialist in family law might cost more but with quality advice and fast response it's obvious why. My only complaint was that flight of stairs because the elevator wasn't working. But it is a lovely building and office. All the staff have a smile on their face which is a good sign.
5/24/2022 10:24:37 AM Report

I had a child support issue that I could not seem to get cleared in over a decade. I met with Ian back in August 2021, and my child support issue has been cleared. He gave me good advice born out of common sense, which kept the solution uncomplicated. I am grateful for his help. And he gets back to you, not in weeks, in hours -- That helped boost my confidence in getting the outcome we all needed. I'm very grateful to have used his services.
5/14/2022 9:03:07 AM Report