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Maxwell Frost
Samuel was very professional and knowledgeable about tiles and grout cleaning. He answered all of our questions and really did an awesome job of cleaning in a timely manner. I will definitely use his company again.
11/19/2021 5:17:27 AM Report

This company did an outstanding job. I am thankful to this company and they did a fabulous job! They came on time and they are very professional. I would highly recommend it. Thank you!
11/19/2021 5:15:57 AM Report

Their service is excellent. Their team is friendly, prompt, and thorough. Cleaned the grout lines better than was expected. Highly recommended. Thank You!!
11/19/2021 5:15:10 AM Report

I'm so happy because they helped me to clean my house tile. Thanks for your effort and hard-work.
11/18/2021 4:02:17 PM Report

Prompt friendly service, trustworthy and knowledgeable. Affordable and effective. The team has been doing my mattress clean for years and would highly recommend it.
11/18/2021 4:00:36 PM Report

The team completed a thorough job to clean my upholstery at best price. Highly recommend.
11/18/2021 3:59:34 PM Report