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Matthew Kingsford
As anyone with dogs knows, they pick up all kinds of things on their paws and fur. Not to mention the things they bring in from outside! The chemical odour removers I used just left stains and irritated my dogs’ noses. My friend recommended Ecogreen because they have natural odour removers and I’ve never looked back. They use natural bacteria so are completely eco-friendly. Thanks Ecogreen, both me and my dogs’ noses thank you.
11/11/2016 6:29:01 AM Report

I enlisted the services of Advertising Industries to guide me in the publicity of my products ( gifts, souvenirs, and showpieces) in our stores throughout Australia. Their team of experts visited my showroom and suggested some customised portable displays, floor stands and acrylic holders to contributed to the aesthetics of my product display. My sales have skyrocketed ever since I have integrated Advertising Industries products in my store's interior display.
9/21/2016 10:40:48 AM Report