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Kermit Rotella
Very Good Service. Very professional and friendly service. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking.
1/15/2023 11:52:07 AM Report

Very Nice Experience Working. Very happy with the service and results. On-time, perfect job, committed to customer service. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking.
1/15/2023 11:52:03 AM Report

Very Efficient Customer Service. Excellent service and the clean was fantastic! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking.
1/15/2023 11:51:58 AM Report

Good Response. These guys are amazing. Very professional and also did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking.
1/15/2023 11:51:54 AM Report

Nice Services. They arrived on time and did an excellent job. We are happy to recommend them.
1/15/2023 11:51:50 AM Report

Good Services. Friendly service. Very professional. I highly recommend it. Thanks
1/2/2023 11:20:38 AM Report

Professional And Friendly Service. They did a great job with carpet cleaning. Reasonably priced, I would recommend it.
1/2/2023 11:20:32 AM Report

Great Job. Highly recommend it! Punctual, informative, professional and put us at ease knowing everything was taken care of.
1/2/2023 11:20:30 AM Report

Excellent Service. Amazing service, friendly, understanding and so helpful. Highly recommended.
1/2/2023 11:20:17 AM Report

Excellent Service And Quality. Absolutely amazing. Have used them twice and they have been able to fit us in on the same day we rang.
1/2/2023 11:20:05 AM Report

The staff was very nice to work with from scheduling to service. The technician, Jake, was prompt, friendly, polite and very thorough with the upholstery cleaning. Very happy with the service!
2/21/2022 6:17:31 PM Report

Team came out to clean my couch. The guys are very professional and polite and did an awesome job. Will use for the couch soon.
2/21/2022 6:16:01 PM Report

Called them to control the spider infestation that had been at our property for several months. John was the gentleman that we worked with and he was amazing. He was friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable about the issue! Thanks for the help!
2/21/2022 4:57:46 PM Report

Flawless service, I used to use them and they efficiently restored the flood damage, when they did every carpet dried in less than 24 hours and looked amazing. Thank you so much!
2/21/2022 4:56:27 PM Report

They were very professional and clarified the cleaning process to me because it was my first time using their services. They did a great job cleaning the carpet! Definitely recommend it!
2/21/2022 4:54:46 PM Report

Jim with this company is absolutely awesome and so professional, not to mention friendly, fast and thorough! ANd served an excellent carpet cleaning job! Thanks!
2/19/2022 5:02:29 PM Report

The technician that came out was Henry. He was very warm and skilled. Was here on time and cleaned three carpets without creating any mess! Thanks, Henry for the service!
2/19/2022 5:01:04 PM Report