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Julie Boundy
My cousin just had her hair done on Wednesday at this salon and it is absolutely disgusting. She had 7 hair extensions put in and it looks like she has a mullet,plus they razored the ends of the extensions,so not she looks like she has a mullet that has been chewed by the rats!!. I have been a hairdresser for 21 years and I am appalled that a so called hairdresser did this to somebodys hair!! She told the hairdresser that she wasn't happy with the end result,but the hairdresser just walked away and then they had the hide to charge her $200 for the bloody mess!!! She is currently at the Smithfield store,hoping to have them taken out and a refund. Do NOT go to Hairhouse Warehouse in Cairns Central if you want a professional result,they are butchers!!!
4/4/2014 8:04:16 AM Report