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Warning. Stay clear of these people. Took my mothers car Mitsubishi Lancer 2013 for a service and the engine oil has not been changed at all. She was charged $255 plus gst for the privilege see attached pic. I showed my mother the engine dipstick before the car went in and showed her after the service and the engine oil was the same (Black). David the so-called mechanic said "Whats wrong with it" You have to be joking !!!. During the cars stay at Procar Prestige Davids wife called up and asked my mother if she wanted other items done and she gave the phone to me and 3 items were given and priced. I said no to all of these 1. Front Brake Pads quote $310 +gst. Real price is around $220 2. Brake Bleed/Flush quote $175 +gst Real price around $110 3. Front Tyres $189.00 + gst each New tyres fitted for $140 ea Then there is the airfilter that was done for $125.00 by Procar Prestige and low and behold we could have got one fitted for $40.00 incl gst. Then there is the all fluids filled as required for $95 + gst ---------- Wow !!! Then another money spinner was the wiper blades that were just fine but were changed for $70 + gst.------- We did not give them authority to change them as they were fine having used the wipers a few week beforehand and had no issue. Procar Prestige are a rip off and since this episode have found that they have been at VCAT on numerous occasions and it has been suggested that David the mechanic is not a mechanic at all. After seeing what they charge and what work has not been done but paid for and overcharging being the norm for Procar Prestige I would very highly recommend staying as far from these people as possible. This matter is not over and a VCAT application will follow along with a few other complaints to agencies. To David/wifey -------- You wont be ripping of my mother again and hanging up the phone with no real explanations is not being respectful to a long term customer seeking answers. Just hope Karma comes around soon and bites you on your asses Joseph Kadar
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