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The owner of this store is disgusting. He is evidently a sexist to women and unbelievably rude. After he replaced the screen of a phone, and damaged it in the process and we returned it and explained the situation, he denied it and accused my partner of lying saying "you're a liar. Stop lying." Until I stepped in (male) he finally agreed to repair it again but continued to refuse to accept responsibility. After we got the phone back, he still did not apologise and upon inspection of the repair, we found he had put a dirty fingerprint on the internal glass of the camera - which we are unable to resolve and it wasn't worth the arguing with him to get it repaired yet again - very coincidental that another issue happened..very "coincidental".. Misogynist. Rude. Disgusting service. Avoid this and find somewhere else.
4/21/2015 11:31:46 AM Report