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WARNING WARNING WARNING! We purchased an absolute lemon from these guys (nicolas) in the amount of $23,500. The convertible BMW we were told was in great condition experienced problems straight away. We harrassed them to cover the repairs after the radiator blew and the car died a week later. We complained again after some major oil pump issues which they reluctantly paid. The convertible roof was clearly not tight as water began to pool in after first rain. Only 2 months later we are trying to sell our low mileage car and the best offer we have is $13,000. Apparently he provided us with false report documents on the cars history and it had received a botched paint job which we didn't initially notice. We offered to sell it back to them but BIG surprise, he doesn't want it. Guess he figures it will be too hard to find another SUCKER like us. BEWARE of these scammers...learn from our $10,000 mistake and go elsewhere.
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