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Jack Brown
We needed a roof leakage repairing service. We also needed the old water tank repairing. The team were very proficient and experienced. They repaired the roof efficiently! I am thankful for that! Thank you!
2/27/2022 3:01:49 PM Report

We always call this company for our heating and plumbing needs. This time their plumber was at the house within the hour. Quickly identified the problem and had us taken care of as quickly as possible! Highly appreciated!
2/27/2022 2:59:15 PM Report

I just purchased my first home and it needed some plumbing repairs, including the installation of a new drain line, a water heater vent replacement. Their plumber, Garry was professional, helpful and skilled! They solved our every problem! Thank you!
2/27/2022 2:57:23 PM Report

My carpet cleaning job went really well. Every step was carefully explained along with the cost breakdown. The team were very careful and very efficient. They were really pleasant and helpful! Highly recommended to all!
2/21/2022 6:02:23 PM Report

The entire experience with these guys was great and worth every penny. The technician worked quickly and carefully. Very friendly guys who went above and beyond in cleaning my carpest. Many thanks!
2/21/2022 6:01:19 PM Report

Their crew was polite and treated our carpets with care. They took all instructions well and did a great job. If we ever need help again we would not hesitate to have this company! Thanks!
2/21/2022 6:00:24 PM Report

Fantastic Service ! I sent an email to make a booking and for my blocked drain. He did an amazing work with jet blasting method. Thank You so much!!
8/20/2021 12:17:54 PM Report

Excellent service!! They provides professional workers. I'm very happy with this company. I highly recommend them to everyone. Thank You!!
8/17/2021 5:07:18 AM Report

I was delighted that they immediately took my call and was able to schedule an appointment for the following day. The cleaner came on time and did an amazing job on wall to wall carpets that I thought would have to be replaced! I highly recommend!
7/17/2021 7:19:00 AM Report

My carpet was too dirty. Nick has done good job 👍 I am very happy with the Ian’s Cleaning Services. I would like to recommend you this cleaning service. Especially Nick! He is very hardworking and polite guy. Good customer service. Thank you Nick😊
7/15/2021 9:44:54 AM Report

Great service. He arrived promptly after being able to fit us in at the last minute. was great to deal with.
6/27/2021 11:33:00 AM Report