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Henry Cookesley
I came to Paul a number of years ago with crippling anxiety that was taking control of my life. It was a scary, lonely and uncertain time as I was just 19 years old. I was experiencing severe panic attacks just about everywhere. Scared of having more panic attacks I stopped doing the things I loved doing. After researching about anxiety I concluded that I was against the idea of medication. I found out Paul's services were strictly medication free. After a few weeks of appointments with Paul we started to find out deeper reasons to the panic attacks in order to rid them instead of the alternative of masking the anxiety with short term medication. Paul's easy going, kind hearted manner and good humour kept me calm and always managed to keep things in perspective for me. His hypnosis is soothing and effective and I have now got my life back without man-made drugs.
3/30/2017 6:12:08 AM Report