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Eamonn Coughlan
The first time I used this solicitor he was the duty solicitor at Caboolture Magistrates Court. I found him to be rude,uncaring and incompetent. I told him I wanted to enter a not guilty plea and he advised I couldn't. The matter was adjourned. I then attended that mention and found that my solicitors had instructed him today 25 Sept 15 as a town agent. I was immediately concerned and clearly stated that we wanted it mentioned that we required a full brief. I advised him that my solicitor had requested brief from police and I want the brief mentioned and requested again. He went in and asked for a committal mention date. I spoke with him about the above and he replied "it's now listed". I said you advised me that I could not plead "not guilty on the first mention" He said "I did not." I advised him I had recorded the conversation and he replied" Good for you" Laurie Watling is a Liar and has no integrity. He knows who I am and I don't fear him taking action for defamation because its true and I can prove it. I would not use him to defend a parking ticket.
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