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Dylan Hughes
They were very helpful and they were professionals and skilled. They efficiently cleaned my upholstery and I'm happy. Thank You for the results.
8/18/2021 10:37:34 AM Report

The guys so easy to deal with. Very knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. They were very respectful coming into my house. They offered a callback service to ensure things were worked....would highly recommend them
6/25/2021 12:48:11 PM Report

Rang and they were able to come the next day. We had Max and he was professional and explained along the way. Would recommend again.
6/25/2021 12:47:51 PM Report

After the initial confusion of only rats being in my roof, it turned out to be both rats and possums. Alan’s service was amazing, he was professional, took time to explain everything and came back for a follow up. Would recommended asking for Alan.
6/25/2021 12:47:15 PM Report

David came out and i couldn't be happier with both his service and knowledge . Once the one way door was removed , the workmanship was fantastic. I would highly recommend this service . Brilliant.
6/25/2021 12:46:39 PM Report

Peter was very professional and identified the issue of possums in our roof straight away. Would highly recommend this company.🙂
6/25/2021 12:45:41 PM Report

Peter was amazing, he identified the possum presence in our roof cavity very quickly, he also inspected the roof, fixed the entry point and installed the exit door for possum. Prompt, efficient and well-priced service. This company is highly recommended. Thank you, Alan!
6/25/2021 12:45:04 PM Report

Samuel attended the same day and worked quickly to block entrances for rodents and set traps/baits. Fully explained what he was doing and made sure I understood everything. Have used these guys out for rodents, possums and ants and have had exceptional service (and results) each time. Would recommend without hesitation.
6/25/2021 12:44:16 PM Report

I was very thankful at the prompt response that I received from Samuel at Pest Control. He was professional and extremely thorough in his inspection of our property. He also answered all of our questions patiently and comprehensively. I would definitely recommend Alan and the team. Thank you.
6/25/2021 12:43:35 PM Report

Samuel was knowledgeable, courteous and patient with all our queries. He was ahead of schedule and was very thorough with his inspection. He took a lot of time to explain to me the possible causes of the dead animal smell and left me with a lot of practical advice on how to deal with possible rodent issues in the future.
6/25/2021 12:42:23 PM Report

Shane arrived within 4 hours of my reporting a terrible putrid smell under my house. Despite very small access he cheerfully crawled / slid under the house and removed a dead decaying possum. Excellent service.
6/25/2021 12:41:46 PM Report

They did an amazing job cleaning my couch and rug. The team is professional, respectful, and responsible for the services provided. Great price also. Highly recommend it!
6/23/2021 2:50:24 PM Report

Amazing work. Their pricing was very reasonable and the staff were helpful, polite, and tried extremely hard to be as accommodating as possible. I highly recommend this service.
6/23/2021 2:48:55 PM Report

Excellent service, good price. They were on time, friendly, did a great job, and left the carpet looking and smelling amazing. Highly recommend it.
6/21/2021 2:05:04 PM Report

Amazing service! The sofa did an excellent job. These guys were fantastic. They were very professional, on time, and did an awesome job, thank you!!
6/21/2021 1:03:37 PM Report