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Dick Hobbs
Exceptional service. Dealing with a deceased animal was distressing, but David's Dead Animal Removal handled it with care and empathy. Their team was respectful, efficient, and thorough. I appreciate their compassionate approach during a difficult time. Highly satisfied with their expert service.
10/5/2023 10:44:36 AM Report

Excellent Service. Incredible service! Our tiles had not been cleaned in years and they look brand new now. Harry is great, he goes above and beyond! Very low price as well for such a well-done job. Would highly recommend it. Thank you!
8/16/2023 7:46:01 AM Report

Good Quality Service. Always very reliable, always on time and prices are extremely good value. Highly recommend it.
1/20/2023 11:58:13 AM Report

Nice Service Good Work. Very professional service, on time, respectful of our home at a very reasonable price.
1/20/2023 11:58:09 AM Report

Good Quality Service. They did a fantastic job! They were very professional, reasonably priced, friendly, and did the best clean we've ever seen. Highly recommend it.
1/20/2023 11:58:05 AM Report

Excellent Service. They did an excellent job cleaning our rug. I totally recommend this company and will definitely use them again.
1/20/2023 11:58:00 AM Report

Very Good Staff. Harry and his father are extremely professional, friendly, and courteous. Will definitely use their services again. Thanks!
1/20/2023 11:57:49 AM Report

Very Efficient Customer Service. Fast friendly service, mattress look brand new and every single stain is gone. Service Definitely will have this done annually.
1/11/2023 1:09:07 PM Report

Good Response. They turn up on time, do a great job and cost is reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone.
1/11/2023 1:08:56 PM Report

Nice Services. They arrived on time and Harry did an amazing job. I 'm really happy with the service and I do recommend you move to a new house.
1/11/2023 1:08:44 PM Report

Good Job. Arrived on time and was friendly, professional, and did a great job. I've used them several times before and have been equally impressed every time. Highly recommended.
1/11/2023 1:08:40 PM Report

Great Service. Harry was on time, and did an excellent job on our mattress. Thank you! Highly recommended.
1/11/2023 1:08:35 PM Report

Good Job. Felt very comfortable with these guys coming into my home as they were very respectful. Would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone I know.
12/4/2022 9:34:20 AM Report

Great Service. He was very thorough and very friendly. I highly rate this service and I will definitely be using them again in the future.
12/4/2022 9:34:15 AM Report

Awesome Quality Of Work. Arrived early for the appointment and was extremely open and knowledgeable. Very happy with the treatment.
12/4/2022 9:34:10 AM Report

Amazing Experience. The technician Harry was very thorough and a good communicator. Feel that the best job possible was completed for a very reasonable price.
12/4/2022 9:34:05 AM Report

Brilliant Service. Arrived on time, knowledgeable, really good value for money and great all-round service. Highly recommend it.
12/4/2022 9:33:59 AM Report

I am so grateful for their professional couch cleaning services. They exceeded my expectations and I demand perfection. You won't be disappointed! Highly recommended!
1/23/2022 4:58:28 AM Report

Extremely thorough, professional and they make couches, rugs, upholstery and carpets good as new! Their staff are knowledgeable, personable and treat you like family.
1/23/2022 4:57:47 AM Report

We called them regarding our couch cleaning and they took action immediately. I’m glad that I hired them. They are certainly the best couch cleaning company in the area. Highly recommended!
1/23/2022 4:56:49 AM Report

In under an hour, They were able to diagnose and repair the system and get the AC up and running. I also loved that once I was notified that he was on the way. The overall experience was smooth and easy. Thank You!
1/14/2022 5:28:02 AM Report

Excellent comapny and high-quality service. The team were nice, professional & friendly. Answered questions & explained what they were doing during the AC installation. Pleased with the job!
1/14/2022 5:26:36 AM Report

They were able to show up the day I called. The tech was friendly and fixed my clogged condenser pump line right away. They also charged a very low amount. Thanks.
1/14/2022 5:25:17 AM Report

Their technicians are responsive, sympathetic and effective. They beat the cockroaches in one visit and stay in touch to make sure it stays solved. Happiest with the treatment!
1/13/2022 6:18:19 AM Report

Paul was knowledgeable and very efficient. Arrived on time and took great care to perform the job properly. Excellent communication.
1/13/2022 6:16:59 AM Report

The team at this comapny were friendly, informative and thorough, and I would recommend them to anyone. They solved our cockroaches problem. Thank you!
1/13/2022 6:16:28 AM Report

I really enjoy talking and getting best advice from Harry. This is a very affordable company with all the necessary equipment, and complete the job within short time period. I would give 5 stars to your work..
9/8/2021 5:14:01 PM Report

Joy was an excellent, professional and cool guy. I highly recommend to everyone for best carpet cleaning service!!
9/5/2021 10:19:25 AM Report

Such a helpful company!! - Fantastic work from professional staff. The service prices are also affordable for us...Thank you so much!!
9/5/2021 10:18:17 AM Report

Great Company. Have been using them for many years. Joy was super helpful, polite and efficient for cleaning the carpet.. Highly Recommend!!
9/5/2021 10:16:26 AM Report