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David C
DO NOT TRUST THE MID-50's SILVER HAIRED SALESMAN WORKING AT FITZROY FORTY WINKS (HE DRIVES A MAZDA MX-5, if its parked out the front, STAY AWAY) I went in to buy a queen size mattress a few days before boxing day. Like always, the mattresses were on "sale". Funny how that is always the case. It is just another dity trick they use. I looked this man in the eye and said "boxing day is a few days away, is there any chance that you may be having a sale on that day". Now, I understand that he was not obliged to give away any upcoming discount information, and he could have just said "I don't know anything about that; or, I can't say etc". But instead this dodgy salesman looked me in the eye and said "NO, we will not be having any boxing day sales." He then quickly changed the topic and pressured me to put down a deposit. Now I came back in the store a few days later (after boxing day) to pay the rest and what do I see, the mattress is around $600 cheaper than the price I paid. And of course, he had pressured me to put down a deposit well above that so I had to pay the rest and received my mattress some weeks later (it was a slow delivery, he did not keep to his estimated delivery date). This mattress salesman is DISHONEST and a LIAR and ONLY CARES ABOUT YOUR MONEY. I am thankful that this mattress will last me for around 6-8 years and next time I will only buy one online to avoid these dodgy people.
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