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Really nice place to stay. I have been there because a lot of people recommended the oasis to me. So I called Eva and asked for jobs. She said there are jobs available all year. So I decided to go to the Oasis Backpacker. As soon as I arrived they promised me when the orange season (picking/packing) starts I will start working at MFC. And only 4 weeks later I started at MFC which is one of the best jobs in Mildura because u get paid per hour. A lot of people - almost everyone- from the hostel worked there. We had an awesome time. I met a lot of nice people and we enjoyed our spare time (wasn't really much) togehther. We went down to the river, had bbq's or partys at the hostel. All in all the best time... :-) The Oasis has 20 rooms - 4share (12) and 6share(8) with en suite which is pretty good and I haven't found another hostel like this in Mildura. There are also 4 houses which provide an own kitchen, TV area - living room and bathroom (more familial). There is a big kitchen, TV-room for the rest (the people from the rooms), big outside area with a pool, those areas got cleand every day (kitchen even 2x a day) the bedrooms got cleand every week on the same day - so you know exactly when and ur bedclothes got washed :-) I really liked to stay there.....
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