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I have moved house nut impel times in my life and used the services of friends, family, and other moving services. Eastern Removals sent 2 men who not only took great care of my stuff but worked at lightning speed. I was so grateful I booked these guys.
4/11/2019 9:00:09 AM Report

Due to work, I had to move few blocks away. My past experience with the mover company was not that great. There staff arrived with later then the schedule time with a rickety old truck and at the end of the day charged me extra bucks for no relevant reasons. I was not so sure about it when my cousin recommended me Allen Movers. But there wonderful customer services, efficient, hard working and friendly staff changed my view on Mover Company. For anyone who had a bad experience prior, would recommend you to give Allen Movers a try.
8/28/2018 12:39:58 PM Report