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Very, very disappointing! I was looking to have my watch serviced or regulated and wanted a local small business to handle it. I had slight misgivings immediately when the woman in store was very evasive about approximate pricing (and a little rude tbh). She then mentioned that there was a $20 charge for a quote. Foolishly I went ahead with the quote. After 7 days I had heard nothing so called up and was told "oh he might do some quotes today". Two days later I received a call and was told the cost would be $350 dollars for a service or $150 just to have my watch regulated! When, in disbelief, I asked why it would be so expensive I was fed a spiel about "labour costs"! In case you don't know, it takes about 5 minutes to regulate a watch. By Comparison, I was later quoted by a professional watchmaker at Toowong (for free) $165 for a full service or a free regulation while I waited. Needless to say I went ahead. Seems to me that Cougar's business model thrives on $20 quotes and the occasional unsuspecting person ignorant about watches and servicing costs for a nice payday. Be Warned :)
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