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Ava Elliott
We have had the best experience with them and Denied our service rep. He is professional, courteous and goes out of his way to make sure that we are cockroach and pest free.
9/26/2022 6:43:23 PM Report

He was able to come earlier than expected, did the job quickly at a low price and they make sure nothing comes back for the rest of the season. Will definitely only go with this company!
9/26/2022 6:40:48 PM Report

Arrived on time, friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. Peter has serviced our local church in Canberra for years so I was very confident. Very good service.
9/26/2022 6:39:42 PM Report

They always take care of my needs. I have used them twice now for my floor at home and they are fast, courteous, friendly and most importantly, PROFESSIONAL! Thanks for the great work guys.
8/15/2022 6:24:13 PM Report

Outstanding Service. Jonathan and his Associate were on time, efficient and thorough. Would not hesitate to recommend this company to everyone.
8/15/2022 6:23:10 PM Report

Awesome people to deal with! Professional from start to finish and very quick but extremely thorough. Would highly recommend it without hesitation.
8/15/2022 6:21:41 PM Report

Extremely affordable and on-time service. This company was amazing. They came knocking on the door bright and early to do my living and dining room carpet. The carpet looks brand new and was able to remove all stains.
7/31/2022 6:34:03 AM Report

Everyone that I spoke with was friendly and helpful. Jonny came in, listened to what I wanted and needed and took care of business. My room looks and smells brand new!
7/31/2022 6:32:24 AM Report

This was the best service I have ever had. He was sufficient on time. My carpet looks wonderful better than when I moved in. Thanks a lot for the great effort and on-time service.
7/31/2022 6:30:22 AM Report

Very professional and reliable service would highly recommend. Always a fast response from the office in sending out engineers as needed. Thanks!
7/27/2022 5:56:11 PM Report

Great service and staff. Liam was very friendly and helpful in ensuring they could come in asap to fix the problem and Jane, who came in to do the job was also very professional.
7/27/2022 5:55:42 PM Report

Great professionals! I couldn't believe it when I saw how good they cleaned my carpet in the kitchen! It's like a brand new carpet now! I strongly recommend them!
7/27/2022 5:53:45 PM Report

Excellent and quick response when contacted and every time I had to arrange a visit. Their technicians are also diligent and professional. Would recommend 100%
7/27/2022 5:52:35 PM Report

Thank you so much for cleaning our carpets so beautifully! We are so excited about how they turned out! I was surprised to see how they came out so well! We are so happy with this company and like always, super kind and friendly people!
6/29/2022 6:12:11 AM Report