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Ashley Huot
Excellent Service. Harry did a fantastic job repair our carpets, was on time, transparent. The job was quick! Would certainly recommend it!
1/26/2023 12:08:58 PM Report

Very Good Staff. Harry was very good. The carpets looked like new when he finished!! Would definitely recommend it to everyone.
1/26/2023 12:08:47 PM Report

Professional And Friendly Service. They were fabulous. Very helpful and the service was excellent. I am very happy with the end-of-lease repair and carpet repair. Highly recommended.
1/26/2023 12:08:42 PM Report

Excellent Service And Quality. Harry was professional and on time. They cleaned perfectly and we were satisfied with the service. I highly recommend it.
1/26/2023 12:08:28 PM Report

Very Good Service. Harry was very helpful. Completed the job quite fast and to a high standard, would use again
1/26/2023 12:08:23 PM Report

Great Service. He did an amazing job. Honestly I would recommend him time and again.
1/23/2023 12:15:32 PM Report

Awesome Quality Of Work. Excellent service, professional workers. Very happy with this company. I recommend them to everyone without hesitation.
1/23/2023 12:15:26 PM Report

Amazing Experience. Harry is very trustworthy in all the times he has come. I feel very confident with his ability to protect my home from insects.
1/23/2023 12:15:22 PM Report

Brilliant Service. The tech arrived on time and was very professional. Thank you for your service I’m happy to recommend this company to all my family and friends.
1/23/2023 12:15:17 PM Report

Good Quality Service. They did a thorough job. arrived on time and very professionally. Thank you for your excellent service.
1/23/2023 12:15:09 PM Report

I’ve had a regular service with since we moved. They have been doing a great job since I hired them. My technician always does a great job. Great value and great service.
12/21/2022 2:40:50 PM Report

Best customer service! And response time. James was very helpful and even made sure to have someone come out and spray the house again when we saw a few bugs free of charge for the problem thank you!!
12/21/2022 2:39:59 PM Report

Great service I use them for multiple locations and if I ever have something pop up they are keen on getting me serviced again.
12/21/2022 2:39:10 PM Report

Very Nice Experience Working. Excellent customer service explained everything thoroughly and honestly. Very courteous throughout his time at our home and left everything clean, neat, and tidy. Highly recommended.
11/12/2022 12:01:32 PM Report

Very Efficient Customer Service. The price was very reasonable and he turned up on time. I will definitely use them again.
11/12/2022 12:01:26 PM Report

Good Response. They were able to come the next day. The service was speedy and great. Would recommend it again.
11/12/2022 12:01:23 PM Report

Nice Services. Harry was polite, prompt, and efficient. Very quick to respond and same-day service was completed efficiently. Very happy with his service and advice. Would definitely recommend it.
11/12/2022 12:01:15 PM Report

Good Job. Very knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous. They were very respectful coming into my house. I would highly recommend them.
11/12/2022 12:01:08 PM Report

Great Experience. Very professional, worked extremely hard to make our old couch look like new. I would highly recommend them.
11/4/2022 2:55:55 PM Report

Good Services. Harry did the end of the lease couch clean in my apartment. He was on time, polite, professional and did an excellent job! I would definitely recommend him. Thanks Sam!
11/4/2022 2:55:46 PM Report

Great Job. I am extremely happy with the price, and quality of work. However, the couch looks new now. I will definitely recommend it to family and friends.
11/4/2022 2:55:36 PM Report

Excellent Service. The best carpet repair services I've ever experienced. I will definitely recommend it to family and friends.
11/4/2022 2:55:29 PM Report

Good Response. They did an excellent job exterminating the possum on my roof. Will definitely recommend it to my friends and family. Thanks
10/28/2022 2:48:24 PM Report

Nice Services. The technician arrived within 2 hours of my call and removed the dead rat from the roof and was able to treat the property too during the visit. Friendly and informative will most certainly use again. Thanks!!
10/28/2022 2:48:12 PM Report

Good Job. They came to my place to help us with our roof rats issue and were very helpful with the service. Was very informative and polite. I would recommend him and his service to anyone. Thanks
10/28/2022 2:48:05 PM Report

Great Service. Very Good service, friendly people, reasonable price. satisfy with their service. Highly recommended.
10/28/2022 2:47:58 PM Report

Awesome Quality Of Work. They did a fantastic job. The team took care of it quickly, professionally, and with a smile on their face! Thank you so much.
10/28/2022 2:47:54 PM Report

Very Good Services. The service was very thorough and at a very good price. Highly recommend this company.
8/23/2022 10:48:56 AM Report

Excellent Experience. He was on time and the job was also very reasonably priced. Will definitely go to him in the future as well. Highly recommend using his pest control services.
8/23/2022 10:48:51 AM Report

Great Experience. He was on time and the job was also very reasonably priced. Highly recommended.
8/23/2022 10:48:47 AM Report

Best Quality Service. He was very prompt at responding to my query and went above and beyond to solve our rodent problem! Highly recommend it.
8/23/2022 10:48:43 AM Report

Great Job. He arrived on time and was very polite. I would definitely use this company again and would recommend it to anyone with pest problems.
8/23/2022 10:48:32 AM Report

Last week they did the flood damage restoration in my house. I thank them so much because no one has ever been so clear before. They are very hardworking, and honest. Thank you!
8/17/2022 7:20:08 AM Report

The crew arrived on time, was extremely professional and delightful and worked non-stop for several hours doing an extremely thorough clean of multiple installed carpets, and area rugs. Would highly recommend it!
8/17/2022 7:19:19 AM Report

They arrived on time & did an awesome job at our house. James was professional, on time and polite. Although we were going through a renovation he ensured that the house was clean and ready! Thanks!
8/17/2022 7:18:21 AM Report

Great Experience. Harry was very professional & punctual. His knowledge of pests was impressive. Will definitely be recommending it!
8/10/2022 11:01:29 AM Report

Great Service. We had a termite inspection over a month ago and it was very professional and well done. Would recommend it and will use it again.
8/10/2022 11:01:19 AM Report

Awesome Quality of Work. The guys that came out today were lovely, confident, knowledgeable, and able to alleviate all my concerns. I would highly recommend them and I don't say that lightly.
8/10/2022 11:01:14 AM Report

Amazing Experience. Harry was there on time and sorted it all out for me! And quickly! I would not hesitate to continue using them and absolutely recommend them for your pest treatment needs. I would highly recommend them and I don't say that lightly.
8/10/2022 11:01:09 AM Report

Nice Service Good Work. They have been very informative about our German Cockroach issue. Highly recommend it to anyone!
8/10/2022 11:00:59 AM Report

So glad our realtor referred this company. Price fantastic! Along with great service. I've sent texts to friends in the neighbourhood looking for carpet cleaning services. Thank you!!!
7/29/2022 6:58:08 PM Report

I have used this company for both curtain cleaning and carpet cleaning and they always do an excellent job. I have several stains on my curtains, but after they are done it looks like new. I highly recommend them.
7/29/2022 6:57:12 PM Report

This company always leaves my curtains looking great! These guys know their stuff and do great work with full dediction. Highly recommend them.
7/29/2022 6:55:46 PM Report

Dustin was on time and very professional. He offered explanations and options for removing hard stains. He has a hard work ethic while also being efficient.
7/29/2022 6:45:12 PM Report

Peter has done a great job with my carpet cleaning! They used the steam cleaning method for cleaning. Their staff is full of really helpful tips to care for the carpet in between cleanings.
7/29/2022 6:43:31 PM Report

Technician George did a super job cleaning difficult carpet areas. He was very thorough, and professional, and his work and products exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend!!!
7/29/2022 6:41:30 PM Report

Denial was awesome! The carpet looks brand new! He was very detailed, courteous, and professional. We will definitely be using this company again!!
7/29/2022 6:37:22 PM Report

My carpet looks awesome! Not only did they repair my carpet, but the cleaning work was also carefully done. Ready before the promised date. Would highly recommend it.
7/29/2022 6:35:39 PM Report

I used this company to clean our carpet. They were very knowledgeable and did a great job. Looking forward to using them again to clean some indoor rugs.
7/29/2022 6:32:59 PM Report

They always do a good job! I'm never worried as a matter of fact they haven't even left yet and I know they are going to do an awesome job!
5/21/2022 4:56:30 PM Report

The older carpet was stretched and then cleaned with the machine. Worth the extra charge especially if you have shedding pets.
5/21/2022 4:55:52 PM Report

Great and Fast Service. Did a great job and was really friendly, and flexible. Would definitely recommend it!
2/12/2022 12:19:51 PM Report

Great Experience. Extremely professional and put so much effort into cleaning our rugs. We can't thank them enough for all their help! Would definitely recommend it!
2/12/2022 12:19:48 PM Report

Great service. They were very pleasant and completed the cleaning in the time they said they would. Thanks
2/12/2022 12:19:31 PM Report

He was able to get up every single little spot on the couch and it looks like new again. Very nice and professional. So, we will definitely use him again! Highly recommend!
2/8/2022 3:29:58 PM Report

100% suggest and will utilise once more. Reliable, Fast, Efficient. Our 5 yr old couch looks nearly spic and span after their cleaning. Couch smell incredible, look extraordinary and this has most certainly expanded the life.
2/8/2022 3:23:55 PM Report

Chris worked really hard cleaning my couches. it looks extremely new again I would suggest you again cause I can't really accept that it looks this incredible cash very much spent thanks.
2/8/2022 3:19:28 PM Report

Best couch cleaning in my office. Chris was super professional & provided great service. Will def be using again 10/10 recommend.
2/8/2022 3:15:45 PM Report

Scheduling an appointment with them for a water damage restoration was super easy. The cleaners were professional and discussing my problems with them was possible because of my friend. I will definitely recommend it. Thank you.
10/29/2021 8:05:56 AM Report

Making customers happy is all about the company's motive. This I have recognized after contacting them; from investigation to tile & grout cleaning everything is highly valuable and trustworthy. Thanks a lot.
10/29/2021 8:04:39 AM Report

Really pleased with the wonderful tiles and grout cleaning service provided by this company. My home is feeling so fresh and healthy. Thank you so much!
10/29/2021 8:03:40 AM Report

Had an issue with my drains. The response was quick and the problem was solved quickly. The plumber was quick to fix the problem. Thank you.
10/29/2021 8:02:30 AM Report

Wonderful pest control service! Came within 20 minutes and got the work done. Now my house is pest free and I am feeling very refreshing. Thank You.
10/12/2021 7:37:20 AM Report

The method used by these experts for repairing carpet includes dry and steam cleaning process so that can make it like a new one. Really happy with the work. Thanks!
10/12/2021 7:36:38 AM Report

The curtain cleaning is refurbished with expert handling methods. The treatments are performed under the supervisor of this company professional. Thank you!
10/12/2021 7:35:40 AM Report

Extremely professional service. James was very helpful and knowledgeable. I am very happy to get the best service and many useful tips given by him. Thanks a lot for the help!
10/11/2021 6:21:31 AM Report

Very Good Staff. Harry to get our house cleaned, looks amazing and spotless, Highly recommended.
9/18/2021 10:05:26 AM Report

Excellent service. Harry was punctual, professional, quick, and friendly. I would use him again!
9/18/2021 10:02:30 AM Report

Brilliant Service. Harry was very professional and did a fantastic job. Will use it again. Highly recommend it.
9/18/2021 10:02:11 AM Report

Good Quality Service. Harry did a great job, fast and efficient. Will use it again. Highly recommend it.
9/18/2021 10:02:00 AM Report

Absolutely outstanding service and a job well done. Harry was very professional and very trustworthy. Will certainly use them again.
9/5/2021 11:59:25 AM Report

On-time, friendly, thorough and well priced. Highly recommended.
9/5/2021 11:59:05 AM Report

The service was on time. Thorough work. Good advice for flea treatment of pets. Will recommend him to my friends and family.
9/5/2021 11:58:44 AM Report

Excellent service, Harry is a genuine and very nice person to deal with. I will definitely use and recommend it.
9/5/2021 11:58:21 AM Report

I want to post a review for Max. He is a great carpet repair guy. I wasn't sure what to expect with the small area of carpet I needed repaired, but he didn't even question it and was very helpful. You don't always see this level of talent and professionalism in your contractors but he stands apart from the rest. Would definitely recommend and I will use him again.
7/23/2021 5:41:20 AM Report

Great service!! Efficient and always on time!! Max was our technician and this is the second time he has done our carpets. Love his attitude, skill and the care he takes with our carpets and furnishings.
7/23/2021 4:43:15 AM Report

Good Quality Service. Harry was punctual, super polite, and did a great job - would highly recommend it.
7/18/2021 9:24:50 AM Report

Friendly and professional service, tile and grout look like new. Would recommend it.
7/18/2021 9:24:20 AM Report