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Arthur Essex
Unclogged drain involving kitchen and laundry room professionally and for a reasonable cost. Same day service was great. Highly recommended!
2/26/2022 6:27:49 PM Report

Mike and Ron and a gentleman who started that day all did exceptional work replacing a dishwasher, swamp cooler and repairing a toilet! Great job guys!
2/26/2022 6:27:04 PM Report

They came out to fix our dishwasher. They did a great job and charged a very decent amount! Thanks!
2/26/2022 6:26:21 PM Report

The technician was on time, very professional, quick, and did an exceptional job on my carpet! He was done in a timely manner! I will definitely be using their services again! Many thanks!
2/11/2022 5:02:01 AM Report

We were very pleased with our latest carpet repair made by this company. We had a hole in our new carpet, due to which we hired them! They were very helpful! Thanks!
2/11/2022 5:00:19 AM Report

We were very pleased with the result we get from this carpet repair company, as well as the excellent customer service. Highly recommend them and would use them again without hesitation. Thanks!
2/11/2022 4:58:17 AM Report

They came to my house to clean the carpet and matching chair which were very dirty. The technician, Garry, had previously cleaned a large area rug which was also very dirty. In both instances, he did an exceptionally good job. Thanks a lot.
1/27/2022 6:15:47 AM Report

It is a wonderful experience with this company and calling them for carpet cleaning service as they provide me with the exact service at my home which I want. Thank you!
1/27/2022 6:13:04 AM Report

I am very happy with the carpet cleaning work carried out by this company. They did their job perfectly. All stains and smells are gone and also price was ver low. Thank you.
1/27/2022 6:10:54 AM Report

They did an exceptional cleaning on our stained mattress. Great communication and, most importantly the mattress look like new. Will hire them again. Thank you!
1/25/2022 2:54:31 PM Report

I have used these guys to clean my mattress. They did an amazing job that lasts. They always arrive on time and complete on time. They wear masks and are extremely polite. I will keep using them. Thanks!
1/25/2022 2:52:35 PM Report

I called them as I was looking for a good carpet repairing service for my carpets. I decided to hire them for their amazing reputation and affordable prices. Not just prices but their services were also very impressive. They did a fabulous job. Really thankful for the service!
1/22/2022 4:04:43 PM Report

We called this comapny regarding our mould issue and they took action immediately. I’m glad my neighbour recommended them to us. They are certainly the best cleaners! Sincerely thanks!
1/22/2022 4:03:41 PM Report

We love this company's services, have been their client for over 5 years now and have been satisfied with the services every time! They will definitely make you feel like family. Thank you.
1/22/2022 4:02:52 PM Report

On-time services whether about tile cleaning or removing dirt from grout lines will satisfy your needs. For me, their services are just awesome. They pay extra concern about cleaning home properly. Thanks a lot!
12/27/2021 1:16:04 PM Report

I am extremely happy with the technicians; their investigation process is just superb. Whether inside or outside the tile cleaning services or methods they use is highly effective. Thank you.
12/27/2021 1:15:25 PM Report

I’m very impressed! The team, especially John who cleaned our mattress, was all great to work with. Professional communication, easy scheduling, punctual service and the mattress looks great. Highly recommend. Thanks, guys.
12/27/2021 1:14:45 PM Report

They are skilled and professional technicians, They arrived on time, completed the job efficiently and with a friendly smile. We would recommend them for any Pest & Termite control problem. Thank You!
11/30/2021 8:34:20 AM Report

Jack was very experienced and knowledgeable. He was in/out very quickly and considered my kids when spraying. I was satisfied with the service. Thank you so much.
11/30/2021 8:32:49 AM Report

The technician you have sent was fantastic, on time, and provided a great service. Arrived on time in a friendly manner and got the job done efficiently. I'll highly recommend it. Thanks!
11/30/2021 8:31:45 AM Report

I have used them for the last couple of years and their service is really outstanding. The pests are dealt with effectively and the technicians have been very professional and accommodating. Thank you very much.
11/30/2021 8:30:35 AM Report

Outstanding service! From the initial enquiry, they were very prompt & professional in answering all my questions. Packing materials were provided. The service was safe and quick. Thank you.
11/25/2021 8:32:38 AM Report

This is the second time I have used this company to remove furniture and to move them, It was a good experience both times. I would highly recommend it. Thank you.
11/25/2021 8:31:13 AM Report

Great duct cleaning service! The duct wasn't working properly and also was very dusty, So I called them and they came within minutes and got the work done. I am happy with the result. Thanks!
11/25/2021 8:28:25 AM Report

Extremely professional and competent service. Matthew was quickly able to diagnose the problem and advised the right approach to be taken. Strongly recommended. Thank you.
11/25/2021 8:26:37 AM Report