78 Henderson Rd
Alexandria New South Wales 2015
Phone number:
1300859 856

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Velux offers Skylight Contractors services in Alexandria, NSW area. To get more details you can call us on 1300859 856.


In summary, we would not recommend Velux who were unwilling to fix the insect screen under warranty, charged $180 without ever indicating a charge would be applied and after complaint was made refused to budge their position. Our experience would suggest that you can have little faith in Velux's commitment to resolving issues when their product fails. Their competitor Fakro may be the better choice. Velux is by no means a cheap brand or product but they seem to ignore both their own warranty/guarantee and consumers statutory guarantee We had Velux windows, blinds and insect screens installed by our licensed builder. We went with Velux over Fakro because because our builder had worked with Velux previously. Problems arose when the fly screen was damaged in its ordinary operation when my daughter pulled the screen down. The fly screen tore and I removed the whole screen to see if it could easily be fixed. It was obvious on removal that the screen could not be placed back in the track because it was torn along a 20cm length of it which could not be placed back in the track and Velux was contacted We explained to Velux that our insect screen had failed after two years and within the warranty period. A technician was sent and was told that the blind had been damaged when it was pulled down by my daughter. It appears that the technician misunderstood that the screen was being operated normally because he subsequently advised that he thought the screen had been pulled at and ripped when issues arose. The screen was repaired by removing the damaged section and reattaching the retractable slider. The technician spoke little during the visit and did not advise that their was a cost. This was also not indicated at first contact with velux when a technician was called out. In a subsequent conversation with the General Manager of Velux he stated that -I had the right to my view as he did to his but refused to remove any charge. - The technician had told him that I had "tampered" with the screen by removing it (I note the Velux guarantee contains no information about this) -my daughter had damaged the blind by putting something through the blind (this had never be stated in previous conversations) -that the technician had actually explained before starting the work that a cost would be incurred.(this was never said, was never raised when we complained to the technician and appears to have only been asserted when the technician went and spoke to the GM about our complaint) When we asked the GM why we would immediately contact the company when the invoice was found on the dinning room table the GM stated he was "unable to speculate". We told that his technician was "man of words" he did not deny this but simply stated he had not previously received complaints about the technician while he worked for the company". Velux seems to take the approach that consumers must prove that the warranty applies but makes little attempt to clarify what occurred and no information about cost. We understand the from time to time that people with technical expertise may not prioritise good communication, however, it appears that even after discussions Velux is unable to shift. I advised the GM of my intention to write consumer reviews of our experience (which I have never had cause to do before) and he simply stated that this was my right. While we have no intention of paying the invoice it has created a great deal of unnecessary angst.
2/7/2014 2:04:55 PM Report