The Natural Deodorant

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1098 Wattley Hill Road
Topi Topi 2423
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0414 387 008

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Made from 100% natural ingredients, The Natural Deodorant allows your body to perspire naturally while the active ingredients keep you feeling dry and odour-free. When applied after showering it prevents any build up of odour throughout the day. If applied during the day when you are feeling a little sweaty or stinky, it neutralises the odour immediately. It leaves no residue or stains to clothing. Our range of natural body products are deeply moisturising and nourishing, making you feel rejuvenated all over.

The Natural Deodorant was founded by Naomi Patton and Naomi Freuden. It began with making 100% natural deodorants that really work. They have expanded their range as they also make deeply nourishing body products.


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