5 Barrel Way
Canning Vale 6155
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130 094 3667

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Straightcurve steel garden edging, retaining and planters are changing the game for home gardeners and professional landscapers alike.

Our range of products is designed to achieve a quality, lasting finish and to install quicker & easier than any other metal landscaping edge.

> For DIY home gardeners...
Straightcurve products are designed to be super simple to install and cost-effective. This means you won't break your back (or the bank) to get that professional flawless finish in your garden. Additionally, all our products have rounded tops (rather than sharp metal edges), so they're not only great looking but child & pet friendly too!

> For Landscape Professionals...
Straightcurve products are much faster & easier to install than traditional methods because there is no welding, clamping, preshaping, or drilling involved. This means you can deliver a better result, in less time, at a more competitive rate than anyone who isn't using Straightcurve. It's the competitive advantage you didn’t know your landscaping business was missing, until now.

> For smooth, flowing lines...
Our flexible edging – Flexline – is entirely flexible yet incredibly sturdy making it unbelievably easy to work with. No other metal garden edging product flexes so evenly, giving a perfect result every time with so little effort.

> For structured, straight lines...
You can’t beat our Rigidline and Hardline range. With in-ground and above-ground solutions for all of our products, you’re limited only by your imagination.

Straightcurve products are available Australia-wide via stockists or our website.

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