Stop Smoking Sydney

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54/47 Neridah St
Sydney NSW 2067
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1300 769 399

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If you are looking for a proven method to quit smoking, help lose weight, tackle anxiety or even an ongoing phobia. Stop Smoking Sydney has the solution for you. Our qualified hypnotherapists have years of experience in helping many people achieve their health goals. If you are unsure if hypnosis can help you, please feel free to give us a call. We offer a free phone consultation to discuss your problem and see if hypnotherapy is a good choice for your problem. Our business started by specialising in helping people quit smoking and to date we have helped hundreds of smokers around Sydney become non-smoker in just one 60 minutes hypnosis session. We have a proven track record with 98% success. We now apply these same skills to assist with other problems like weight loss, trouble falling asleep, stress, nail biting, fear of snakes, spiders, fear of open space, germs, animals, dogs, birds, and many more. So how does hypnotherapy therapy work and how does hypnosis help so many problems? The key to most all of this is understanding your unconscious vs conscious mind. Your conscious mind controls about 7 bits of information at any one time. Like what you are seeing here, or maybe sounds. Your conscious also is your logical part of your brain. Your unconscious controls everything else. So as you are reading this, there are many things going on outside of the awareness of your conscious. For example, you are not consciously telling your heart to beat, lungs to breathe. Your conscious is also aware of the pressure on your legs as you are sitting or standing, and sounds in the background you are not aware of. So you see your unconscious mind controls most of what you do and also controls your unwanted habits like smoking, binge eating, fears and phobias. Using unique hypnotic procedures combined with neuro-linguistic programming or NLP for short, we are able to make change and make it fast. So if you are wanting to quickly change a smoking habit, how to lose weight fast, or change a phobia or fear, hypnotherapy is a great solution. We provide a free phone consult before your session to determine if hypnosis might be right for you. It is rare, but there are some people who are not suitable for hypnosis and our expert hypnotherapists will be able to assist you.

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