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Established as market leaders in supply and installation of security smoke systems, Smokecloak makes your life & property safer & securer. We will ensure you get the best security framework as per your requirements & budget.


Smoke Alarms are a crucial component of your home security system. My office sits in an area infamous for burglaries and thefts. So, I was on a lookout for a reliable smoke alarm brand when I read about Smoke Cloak on the internet. The company has excellentreviews, but I don't trust anything on the web without confirming it. I contacted them and got SmokeCloak smoke security system installed on my premises. The good reviews about their service and products turned out to be completely justified. Now I am looking forward to getting their Anti-Theft Devices installed at my home.
9/20/2016 5:48:58 AM Report

There were many reasons that compelled me to opt for SmokeCloak instant protection. Their products are acknowledged across the globe and also endorsed by insurance companies. Besides the proven security system, their excellent customer service and easy installation process merits a special mention. I am looking forward to enlist their services in future.
8/23/2016 3:58:31 AM Report

1. When I saw a live demo of SmokeCloak in my house and saw the dense smoke being generated, I was very apprehensive about the health of my family. But soon after, I saw that there were no side effects and that there was no reaction on the eyes or body. It only helped to reduce visibility in the area to zero in a few seconds so that the intruder wouldn’t know where to go and would be forced to leave the way he came in. Along with my existing home security system of CCTV cameras and audio-video surveillance systems, I have installed SmokeCloak now as an extra layer of security. Great product, strongly recommended for residential or commercial purposes.
7/27/2016 11:52:39 AM Report

I am own a warehouse in the outskirts of Oakleigh, Victoria. As a precautionary measure, I installed SmokeCloak’s anti-theft devices in my warehouse previous month. I must say it turned out to be the most prudent decision in my life as it prevented a daylight burglary. The fog generators prevented the interlopers from taking away anything as they were forced out of the warehouse and eventually were caught. Highly Recommended!
7/21/2016 10:32:16 AM Report