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PO Box 6068
St Kilda Road Central
Melbourne VIC 8008
Phone number:
1300 243 243

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Company description

Brain plasticity research proves that no matter our age, we can enhance our mental capabilities and potentially delay the onset of dementia. We offer the latest courses in brain fitness science.


Proactive Ageing provides adult education and training activities that help you develop health skills to prolong your vitality by natural factors, without drugs or surgery. In particular, it is focused on providing a range of scientifically validated activities to strengthen your mental fitness for the second half of life. Proactive Ageing offers a comprehensive suite of mental fitness services, covering all five pillars of brain health - physical fitness, brain fitness, stress management, nutrition and social engagement. Like physical fitness, our brain’s health is largely under our direct control. Proactive Ageing will better equip our community to not only put more years into our life but also to put more life into our years.
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