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30 Dale Street
Brookvale 2100
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02 9905 0507


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Company description

As Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches number one Audi and Volkswagen specialist, we have developed the knowledge and ability when it comes to working on these cars. With this specialist knowledge, we have been able to cultivate a customer base that trusts us with what in some cases, is expensive and complex servicing and adjustments on their vehicles.


Nowhere else would I be able to have a shop with quality "vw mechanic north shore". It's only Northside Autohaus that impressed me. I love all the maintenance services!
12/19/2022 3:12:17 AM Report

I would only choose one mechanic for all of my "vw service" needs, and that would be Northside Autohaus. They maintain auto so well and bring us parts for them...and they care for them so smoothly and with ease! I think they're a great mechanic shop.
8/29/2022 1:53:50 AM Report

I was always worried on how I would be able to successfully maintain my Volkswagen - given how much of a pain it is to maintain DIY. I am relieved to find a good "vw service" in Northside Autohaus. They do a great job of keeping all my parts in check and making sure nothing is broke. Kudos!
5/12/2022 5:01:08 AM Report

I have never dealt with such a high maintenance car until I got an Audi. To be able to get "audi service", I looked for the best of the best and stumbled upon Northside Autohaus. I was not disappointed with the performance they did for the car. Ever since then I never looked back and always go to them.
5/5/2022 4:16:19 AM Report

I never have to feel unsafe about my "audi service" needs because I know that Northside Autohaus got me as always. They got my back with all their services as well as their products suited for my Audi cars. I trust their expertise for advice, repairing because they know a lot and they're friendly. Nice one!
3/14/2022 12:55:26 AM Report

I'm not surprised how well loved Northside Autohaus is within Australia. I've been a loyal customer of this mechanic for a while now and I can attest that their services, especially their "audi service" are quite superb, with great features. Satisfaction guaranteed!
2/17/2022 5:12:21 AM Report

I won't hesitate to recommend Northside Autohaus. You get real value for their services, especially the "audi service". Easy to talk to, will never rip you off money, efficient work, and they're impressively fast with their work! Perfect for ever Audi and VW owner. Northside Autohaus is the way to go!
2/9/2022 11:57:18 PM Report

For your "vw service" needs, you would have to get yourself a great euro mechanic. I recommend and trust Northside Autohaus, their work is just amazing! I love their care to detail and the variety of car parts that they have. To make my vehicle get its maximum performance, I also go to Northside AutoHaus for checkups. It's good to do that with them!
1/31/2022 4:52:48 AM Report

One of a kind mechanic shop, with Northside Autohaus, I am able to purchase some good "suspension and brakes" repair! Definitely some of the best mechanic shops near me. Transactions with them is quite easy, and they're are all helpful. I never have to worry!
12/7/2021 4:42:48 AM Report

One of my essentials is Northside Autohaus! Easy to book, their services are professionally done in a great and safe environment while never sacrificing the price. Win-win!
4/28/2021 4:14:22 AM Report

Definitely one of the best automotives out there is Northside AutoHaus. Quite amazing service with low rates and their expertise is obvious. Recommended!
3/17/2021 2:54:05 AM Report

Absolutely amazing service! Northside Autohaus provides good and premium VW repairs. They never fail to be attentive and they're always approachable with problems with my car. All in all, recommended!
2/5/2021 12:31:30 AM Report

Nothing beats efficiency and quality of work, and Northside AutoHaus has both of those covered! Thanks to their overwhelmingly amazing service, I am now able to ride my old VW car. Good service at a good, reasonable price.
1/21/2021 3:29:59 AM Report

Northside Autohaus has been my companion for all of my vehicles. They've been giving quality service in every visit. They also know what they're doing because of their expertise. I'll never stop visiting them, highly recommend!
10/27/2020 12:52:45 AM Report

Northside AutoHaus are mechanics I'd absolutely recommend. Their work blows me away - from repair to modifications - and they're consistently getting better while offering cheap prices!
9/22/2020 12:24:31 AM Report

One of the best Audi and Volkswagen specialists in Brookvale! I used to let my Audi be when it gets problems but when my chummy told me about Northside Autohaus, it quite actually changed the game for my car. Now, I get to drive my Audi more efficiently!
9/15/2020 12:08:50 AM Report

thanks to northside autohaus, my car is always in pristine condition. the audi i got is one of those high maintenance ones, and they manage to fix any problems it possesses, and boost its performance along the way! i highly recommend them all in all.
9/7/2020 5:41:28 AM Report

My vehicle maintenance routine would not be done unless I visit the people of Northside AutoHaus. As a Volkswagen owner, my car is one of those high maintenance cars. Yet these guys manage to fix any problem with it, and boost its performance in the process! I bet their other services are fantastic, so I might try them. All in all, I highly recommend them and will definitely return to their shop!
8/25/2020 12:43:36 AM Report