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Wentworth Falls 2782
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Company description

Nim-Véda Australia has been here for a while.

What's fresh though is our new revamped image! Spearheaded by two young entrepreneurs, Mayunka and Mituri, under the watchful eye of their Founder, Pradip, we know that though everyone will tell you they want to make a difference, many won't put their buck where their mouth is - but we will.

We also understand that you're on the side of the planet no matter what the climate change non-believers say and that you want to love nature without burning a hole through your wallet - that you want to be Affordable Organic.

Don't believe us? Let's tell you how:

- We're not super rich which is okay with us. Why? Because we actually believe in an environmentally sustainable business and saving the environment for future generations is not cheap work! So what we rely on is you promoting us through your wonderful word of mouth tactics because let's face it, traditional advertising is draining on the earth's resources. We also know that we have great products so we're not asking you to push our products (why would you?) if you don't believe in them. It's hard getting into outlets without demand so if you like us, don't be shy and let everyone know from your nanna to your dog! Let your local health food retailer know about us and tell all your friends by liking and following us on Facebook, Twitter and Google.

- Our Products are based on a '100% as natural as we can get without you smelling (or looking) like you just came out of a dumpster' policy. Where possible, we use Certified Organic and Organic ingredients and no harmful ingredients. Ever. We're young, we know how important it is to look good, but we also know that it is equally as essential to feel good because feeling good is a prerequisite to looking good.

- We're a small company with not just big, but humungous dreams and we realise that this dream is not becoming a reality unless we appreciate and value, wait for it, drum roll please, YOU! So naturally, keeping you happy and healthy should be our number one priority. It's a no brainer really, if you're happy, we're happy which is why we take pride in our superior customer service. If you have a problem, you can bet your bottom dollar we're going to be pulling our wonderful silky hair locks (because we use our shampoos and conditioner) out from their roots until we have a viable solution, or at least a workaround.

- We're proudly Aussie! Australians are known for their love of nature, their never say die attitude and their high emphasis on quality. Take a look at the picture above, no gimmicks, this is where we work. We know, we're very lucky! So imagine what products that are birthed from this place must be like - in two words, naturally divine. How about taking a little bit of the good old Blue Mountains with you, no matter where you are on this extremely beautiful planet of ours?

Still not convinced? Alright then, how about the old fashioned About Us blurb:

Nim-Véda Australia manufactures and distributes personal body and hair care products as well as Certified Organic & Organic High Quality Gourmet Raw Ingredients and is an Australian owned and operated company which opened for business in 1997.

We saw the need for products using a natural based ingredient from the 'NEEM' tree. Our team is made up of dedicated people whose emphasis is on providing high-quality, safe products using the finest ingredients. The company operates from Wentworth Falls, located in the Blue Mountains, approximately 100 kilometres west of Sydney, in a beautiful bush setting.
NIM-VÉDA is the brand name for a selection of 'Neem' products that combine the aspirations of mystical ancient practices with traditional knowledge and the methodology of nature's healing properties and scientific knowledge.

All products are manufactured to the highest standards and only the best quality ingredients are sourced to ensure reliable and consistent products. We have recently launched our wide variety of Certified Organic & Organic Foods as well. representing the same quality and determination to provide the best Mother Nature has to offer.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, natural based products for personal use based on NEEM and AYUR-VÉDIC plant and herbal extracts and oils as well as Certified Organic & Organic Produce sourced from the pristine shores of Australia and various untouched regions of India, including the Himalayas.

Additionally, we strive to educate the public regarding the benefits of using 'NEEM', a natural product, in an effort to maintain a more environmentally friendly environment.

Our Vision

To expand our existing domestic and international market with a wider range of high-quality natural based personal care as well as Certified Organic & Organic produce and to enlighten the international & domestic markets about products which are safe and environmentally friendly.

We are proud to be a Blue Mountains Sustainable Business.

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Please note that this is our warehouse and is not open to public. Please contact us for more information via email or phone.


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