National Machinery Traders

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28 Lawrence Drive
Nerang QLD 4211
Phone number:
(07) 5563 3499

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Suppliers of Tractors and Implements to suit hobby farmers. We ship Nationwide!


Are you looking for a cheap and reliable tractor? All sound good doesn’t it? Then don’t buy yourself a Foton, as it will cost you more money to have the tractor repaired yourself, as national machinery traders will not honour their parts and labour warranty. they proudly and prominently advertise We also offer a three year written warranty on all tractors, again beware of the the old "parts only warranty" this can and will end up costing a fortune in the long run if something goes wrong! well, as it turns out the joke is on the customers as national machinery will not bother to fix your tractor should something go wrong, and i know i have been waiting for over 5 months to have my “brand new” tractor repaired! The other thing the don’t tell you is that the parts and labour warranty is only for 12 months, not for 3, after 12 months it reverts to a parts only warranty. It also took them over 3 months to send me the warranty papers, with a note saying if you don’t fill this in your tractor will not be covered by warranty. The tractor that i received was riddled with faults from day one. What are the defects that occur with this tractor? Seat wont lock in (you slide backwards and forwards as you are driving around and is very dangerous) Brakes grind/ don’t work (from new) they will only stop you if you are travelling at walking pace. Power steering reservoir leaks oil from new hydraulic ram arm for the bucket leaks (from new) Bucket bolts loose and cannot be tightened. Bucket frame cracked welds Cracking and vibrating sound when driving Engine has developed a distinctive sound Stripped plastic dipstick for hydraulic oil reservoir (reservoir probably has pieces of plastic now floating around in it) Grease nipples were rounded and cross threaded from new Grease nipples are all different sizes (even ones next to each other) Aircon doesn’t work from new No compliance plate on bucket frame Pto grinds when it engaed Hard to get the tractor in gear Broken pins grader blade The strut on the door keeps falling off, even when retightened properly.
4/22/2014 11:16:44 AM Report